Umberlee (pronounced: /əmbɛrˈliuhm-ber-LEE[4]), also referred to as The Bitch Queen and the Queen of the Depths,[11] was the evil sea goddess in the Faerûnian pantheon. She was most often worshiped by sailors or people traveling by sea, out of fear of her destructive powers. She controlled the harshness of the sea while reveling in her own power and was not hesitant to drown people, if she so pleased.[11]

She was known as a particularly malicious, petty and vain deity. Acting on her turbulent whims when making deals with mortals. She was quite greedy for power and hungry for the flattery of others.[11]


The Queen of the Depths was responsible for the creation of weresharks within the Realms.[11]

Umberlee once had a relationship with Iakhovas, variously described as a megalodon, wereshark or sharkwere. She even granted him immortality. However, their relationship fell apart, and she sought revenge on him.[citation needed]


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Temples of Umberlee were few and far between, and the church was disorganized, universally hated throughout Faerûn, and perpetuated out of fear of the goddess.[11] Umberlee's church rested on her chaotic nature where disputes were ruled in favor of the strongest individual.


A waveservant playing the seas. They served Umberlee as enforcers and tribute gatherers.[12]

Places of worshipEdit


The symbol of Umberlee on the prow of a ship.

There were shrines dedicated to Umberlee, predominantly located in port cities of the Sea of Fallen Stars and in the Nelanther Isles. Travelers by sea were sure to pay their tribute to the Bitch Queen as the preaching of her clerics were built upon the terrible fate that would befall any who did not bring a sacrifice to Umberlee. Clerics were available at these temples who, for a price, would travel with sailors to ensure no harm was inflicted.[13]

Apart from the region around the Sea of Fallen Stars and at Nelanther Isles, Umberlee had places of worship at many ports. Among these were a temple in Urmlaspyr, Sembia, a small shrine in city of Marsember in Cormyr and another small shrine in Hillsfar, on the Moonsea. Others included:[citation needed]

Umberlee's ChosenEdit

Non-human worshipersEdit

Umberlee had worshipers among krakens, sahuagin and other evil sea creatures. A number of these were actually worshipers of Panzuriel, a deity with no power on Toril; Umberlee merely granted spells on his behalf.[19] Weresharks were one of the few races that venerated Umberlee out of admiration, rather than fear.[11]


Umberlee was strongly opposed to Selûne, whose stars guided navigators at sea; Valkur, who guided travelers safely home; Sune, whose beauty made her green with envy; and Chauntea for her dominion over land.[5][20]

Silvanus was technically Umberlee's superior, as the ruler of the dominion the Deep Wilds within which she resides. However, Umberlee rarely, if ever, saw herself as Silvanus' servant.[21]

Umberlee openly fought with Selûne,[22] the goddess of the moon, Chauntea, the goddess of the earth and land, Sune, whose beauty spurred jealously within the Bitch Queen and Valkur, the deity to whom sailors prayed for safe return from the sea.[13]

Deities of furyEdit

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Umberlee is a member of the Deities of Fury, a group that included Auril and Malar, led by the Storm Lord Talos.[8][23] As Talos encroached upon Umberlee's portfolio, as both deities ruled over storms, she attempted to distract him with a romantic relationship.[13]



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