Umsheryoth was an adult male bronze dragon residing in the Dessarin Valley.[1]


By 1491 DR, Umsheryoth had long established himself as the secretive protector of the Silmerhelve noble family's summer residence, Helvenblade House, which was located at the northwestern periphery of Kryptgarden Forest, west of the Long Road as it ran north of Westbridge.[1]


Umsheryoth was virtually unknown, even within the valley. Helvenblade House was a sleepy place, and it had never been overrun by bandits or the like. The servants there ascribed this to protection provided by the "family ghost", but the truth is that Umsheryoth had resided there as a friend of the Silmerhelves for generations, warding off any potential interlopers.[1]


Mysteriously, Nymmurh, an ancient bronze dragon, had also been overseeing and influencing the Silmerhelves for nearly five centuries.[2] What Umsheryoth's role in this was, if any, as well as his relationship with Nymmurh, is unknown.[speculation]



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