The undead bloodrose was a rare flower that only grew within the inner portions of the Rose Garden located in the Battle of Bones.[1]


As the name implied, undead bloodroses had petals the color of fresh blood. The petals would darken until they were black if deprived of sustenance.[1]


Undead bloodroses were beautiful but sinister flowers. The flower rooted itself in bonemeal, which was common in the passages of the Rose Garden. If cut and pinned to a lapel or other item of clothing worn by a living creature, the plant remained fresh so long as the host lived. However, the undead bloodrose slowly consumed a host's lifeforce, draining them bit by bit until they finally fell into death. Those killed by this flower rose as undead themselves. When separated from a host, the plant would turn jet black, but the blood-red coloration would return if another host was found within three or four days. If another host was not found after that time passed, then the flower would explode into a fine greenish black dust. It remained unknown if this dust had any effects on living creatures.[1]



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