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Under Illefarn is a 1st-edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons adventure that was set in the Forgotten Realms.

A curse is on the land.

Daggerford is fairly quiet for a frontier town. Sure, lizard men raid the local baron's holding now and then, orcs sneak out of the Misty Forest to raid caravans on the Trade Way, and Lady Bronwyn has a few suitors who are a touch too passionate, but there's nothing going on that a member of the renowned Daggerford militia can't handle.

Except that the Shining River has turned green, and cattle are dying. Except that the Elf King of Laughing Hollow, a place where no human dares to go without fearing for his life, is asking the militia for help. Except that strange substances are oozing from the fissures caused by a recent earthquake. Except that the earthquake also has opened an entrance in the cliffs around Laughing Hollow that might lead to the fabled dwarf mines of Illefarn.

Suddenly, being a militiaman isn't quite as easy as it used to be...[7]


Under Illefarn was written by Steve Perrin, with a cover by Jeff Easley and interior illustrations by Luise Perenne, and was published by TSR in 1987 as a 48-page booklet with an outer folder.

While in development this module had the working title of Beneath Illefarn. This name was made public by Jeff Grubb in Dragon #119's article "The Game Wizards."[8]

The maps in this module have many numbered rooms that don't receive descriptions/fixed content anywhere in the text, leaving them to be populated by DMs.[9]


The adventure is a scenario designed for beginning players in the Forgotten Realms setting. The player characters are residents of the town of Daggerford, and are therefore automatically members of the town militia and thus required to deal with local perils, such as fighting lizardmen raiders, rescuing a kidnapped noblewoman, and guarding a caravan. The module describes Daggerford and its personalities, as well as the nearby dwarf and orc lairs of Illefarn.[10]


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AgwainAnalinda DaggerfordAswanseaBaergon BlueswordBando the LameBinnBronwyn DaggerfordBrynConan DaggerfordCork SheperdsonCromachCromm RedhandDaeros DragonspearDapplefordDarfin FloshinDarryl OrcslayerDauravyn RedbeardDeldrach LongarrowDelfen YellowknifeDellaDelora SharpeyeDerval IroneaterDervin / Derwin StonecarverKing DevinDickon HardcheeseDooleyDorusDuggwellDunedenDwergrimEdrie GrafEllisinElorfindar FloshinElorshin FloshinEmeeFilarion FilvendorsonFilvendor FloshinFinnFulbar HardcheeseGarthGornGwydion pen DafwydIanIbinIzeleyJocko the WilyJorykulKainKarriKelson DarktreaderKelthas the DreadKelven DelimbiyrKiraKorbus Brighteyes / Korbus BrightjewelKorin IronaxeLiamLiam SunmistLlewellyn LonghandMabMaelwynMaerovyna / MerovynaMelandrach / King of the WoodsMeldar FarwanderMerovy DaggerfordMorriOwendenPiann CrommPiergeiron PaladinsonProllotPryden DaggerfordPwyll DaggerfordRedeyeShalendra FloshinSherlen SpearslayerSonja DaggerfordStubTyndalWartsnak DirelordWayfelZurch


bearbeeberserkerbirdboarbugbearcentaurceratosaurchickencowdark elfdinosaurdryaddwarfelffeygargoyleghoulgiant centipedegiant lizardgiant snakegiant toadgnomegoatgoblingoblinoidgold elfgreen slimehalf-elfhalf-orchalflinghorsehumanlizard menmanticoremoon elfmulenightmarenixieogreorcowlbearpixiepteranodonratsatyrsheepskeletonspiderstone golem dwarftrollwerewolfwild elfwolf
Creature special abilities




Bodies of Water
Delimbiyr RiverInland SeaUnicorn RunWinding Water
barrackscisternCromach's SmithyCromm's HoldDelfen's TowerDerval's SmithDucal CastleFarrel's Fine Jewels and ApparelFloshin EstatesGuildmasters' HallHappy CowHold of Battle LionsLady Luck TavernRiver Shining TaverntanneryWater CarriersWayfel's Smithy
Celestial Bodies
Selûne (moon)
AmnCormyrIllefarnFallen KingdomKingdom of Man
Elf Wood / Elfwood / Waterdeep WoodsHigh ForestLaughing HollowMisty Forest
Caravan GateFarmer's GateRiver Gate
Illefarn Mountain
Duke's WayFarmer's RoadHigh RoadHill RoadHorse WayMarket WayRiver RoadTanner's WayTrade WayWall Street
Dragonspear CastleHouse of Long Silences
Baldur's GateBoareskyr BridgeBowshotDaggerfordIriaeborLiam's HoldScornubelSecomberWaterdeepThe Way InnWestgateZundbridge
Lathander's templeshrine of Tempusshrine of Tymoratemple of Chaunteatemple of Moradin
Caravan QuarterFarmers' QuarterMoney QuarterRivermen's Quarter
High MoorLizard Marsh
Referenced only
Lower PlanesNine Hells


amulet of ceratosaur summoning and controlAmulet of proof against detection and locationarrow +1, +3arrow of slaying goblinoidsbag of tricksbanded mail +1battleaxe +1, +2, +3bolt +1boots of levitationbow +4bracersbroadsword +1, +2bronze plate mail +1buckler wandchainmail +1, +2cloak of arachnidiacloak of elvenkindcloak of protection +3crossbow of speedcrown of Devincrystal balldagger +1, +2, +3dust of appearancedust of disappearancedust of illusiondwarven hammer +3dwarven throwing hammer +2Elfhostelven bootselven chainmail +1, +3, +4falchion +2field plate +2figurines of golden lionsflame tonguefootman's flail +1gauntlets of ogre powergloves of swimming and climbinghelm of brilliancehelm of underwater actionhorn of blastinglance +2Lawflameleather +2, +3lens of ultravisionlongbow +1, +3longsword +1longsword of dancingluckstonemace +1, +2medallion of ESPmirror of mental prowessnecklace of missilesplate mail +1, +2potionpotion of flyingpotion of gaseous formpotion of healingpotion of heroismpotion of undead controlquarterstaff +3Quietstrikerobe of scintillating colorsring of blinkingring of chameleon powerring of faeriering of feather fallingring of fire resistancering of human influencering of invisibilityring of jumpingring of mind shieldingring of protection +1, +2, +3ring of regenerationring of shocking graspring of spell storingring of spell turningring of telekinesisscale mail +2short sword +1short sword of quickness +2silver horn of Valhallasling bullet +2sling bullet of impactspade of colossal excavationspear +1, +2staff of curingstaff of powerstaff of strikingstone of controlling earth elementalssword +2wand of fireballswand of fearwand of illusionwand of lightning boltswand of magic missileswand of metal and mineral detection
aidairy wateralarmalter selfanimal friendshipanimal growthanimate deadarmoraudible glamerauguryavoidancebindblessblinkburning handscall lightningcause blindnesscause diseasecause light woundscause serious woundschange selfchantcharmcharm monstercharm personchromatic orbclairaudienceclairvoyancecloudburstcloudkillcolorcolor spraycommandcomprehend languagescone of coldconfusionconjure fire elementalconjure water elementalcontact other planecontinual darknesscontinual lightcontrol windscreate food and watercreate illusionscure diseasecure light woundscure serious woundsdancing lightsdarkdarknessdeeppocketsdetect charmdetect evildetect gooddetect illusiondetect invisibiltydetect lifedetect magicdetect snares and pitsdigdimension doordismissaldispel evildispel illusiondispel magicdistance distortiondivinationenchanted weaponentangleenthralleraseESPexplosive runesextension Iextension IIfabricatefaerie firefascinatefearfeather fallfeeblemindfeign deathfind familiarfind trapsfire charmfire shieldfire trapfireballflame arrowflame walkflaming sphereflyfool's goldforgetfriendsfumblegategoodberrygust of windhallucinatory terrainhastehold monsterhold personhold portalhypnotic patternhypnotismice stormidentifyimproved phantasmal forceinfravisioninvisibilityinvisibility, 10' radiusirritationitemjumpknockknow alignmentlevitatelightlightning boltlocate animalslocate objectmagic jarmagic mirrormagic missilemagic mouthmaterialmeltmemorymendingmessageminor globe of invulnerabilitymirror imagemisdirectionmountmonster summoning Imonster summoning IImonster summoning IIIneutralize poisonnondetectionobscurementpass without tracepasswallphantasmal forceplant growthpolymorphpolymorph otherpolymorph selfportentprecipitationpredict weatherpreserveproduce flameprotection from cantripsprotection from evilprotection from evil 10' radiusprotection from fireprotection from normal missilespurify food and drinkpyrotechnicsraise deadray of enfeeblementread illusionist magicread magicremove curseremove fearremove paralysisresist fearresist firerope trickscaresecret pagesendingsepia snake sigilshattershieldshocking graspshoutsilence, 15' radiussleepslowslow poisonsnake charmsnarespeak with animalsspeak with plantsspectral forcestinking cloudstone shapestoneskinstrengthsuggestiontelekinesistonguestransmute rock to mudultravisionunseen servantventriloquismvocalizewall of firewall of forcewall of icewall of ironwall of stonewarp woodwater breathingwebwhipwhispering windwind wallwizard eyewizard lockwizard markwritezephyr


Council of Guilds / Daggerford CouncilTrade Cities
Clan IroneaterDaggerford familyDelimbyr familyHouse Floshin
Farmers' Guildguild of quarry workersMerchants' GuildRivermen's GuildSmiths' GuildTanners' GuildTaverners' Guildthieves' guildWatermen's Guild
Merchant Organizations
caravanThousandheads Trading Coster
Military Organizations
Daggerford militia
Blue Feather Clan
Referenced only
Lords of Waterdeep


ChaunteaChurch of LathanderChurch of MyrkulChurch of TymoraChurch of TyrMoradinTempus


Armor & Clothing
amuletapronbaldricbeltbroochcapchain of officechainmailelven chainmailfield plategauntletglovesjewelryleather armormasknecklacepadded armorplate mailpendantringrobescale armorshieldstudded leathertrews
assassinbarbariancavalierclericdruidfighterillusionistmagic usermonknecromancerrangershamanthief
lycanthropyswamp fever
sleeping potion
Food & Drinks
black opaldiamondemeraldfire opaljadeonyxopalpearlrubyturquoise
block and tacklecrutchdiceflaskknifemapnetpaintingscrollspellbookstaketorchvial
clothcobblestonecottonbright metalfabricfeathergoldgraniteironjewelsmarblemortarplatinumsilksilverwool
accountantadventureralchemistapothecaryarcherarmorerartistassassinbanditbartererblacksmithboatwrightbowyercabinetmakercaravan mastercarpenterexplorerfarmerfishmongerfisherfletcherforesterfreighterherderhunterillusionistinnkeeperjewelerleather workerlimnermageman-at-armsmasonmercenarymerchantmessengermilitiamanmonkpainterpriestshepherdsoldierspearmantailortannertavernerteamsterthieftradertrapperwagon masterwater carrierweaponsmithweaverwoodsmanwoodworker
acidfirepotholy wateroilpoison
arrowaxe (battleaxehandaxe) • bow (longbowshortbow) • clubcrossbowdaggerdarthammerjavelinlancemace (horseman's mace) • quarterstaffspearsword (broadswordgreatswordlongswordscimitarshort sword) • warclub



  • Editor: Rick Swan
  • Cover Artist: Jeff Easley
  • Interior Artist: Luise Perenne
  • Cartography: Stephen Sullivan
  • Typography: Kim Janke
  • Keylining: Stephanie Tabat, Colleen O'Malley


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  1. Kelson Darktreader was 58 years old during Under Illefarn and Pwyll Daggerford was serving as Duke after his father's death in the First Dragonspear War. This is consistent with Spawn of Dragonspear, in which Kelson Darktreader was 55 at the time of the First Dragonspear War of 1356 DR. However, The North: Guide to the Savage Frontier, set in 1370 DR, gives his age as 73, a discrepancy of four years that conflicts with both of the other books.


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