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Underdark landwyrms, which were sometimes called cave dragons, were a species of landwyrm endemic to the Underdark.[1]


Underdark landwyrms were smaller than other landwyrms but still quite large. They had dark grey scales.[1]


Underdark landwyrms were said to be evil creatures.[1]


Underdark landwyrms, like many other dragons, possessed a fear-inducing aura with a 60‑foot (18‑meter) radius. Unlike many other dragons, they had poor vision and hearing, instead relying on a combination of scent and echolocation to pinpoint creatures within 60 feet (18 meters) of them.[1]

Underdark landwyrms were capable of exhaling a cloud of obscuring mist thrice each day. Their claws were known to leaving nasty bleeding wounds, and they were skilled swimmers.[1]


Underdark landwyrms preferred to cloak their approach with the obscuring mist they exhaled, before suddenly ambushing prey. They typically retreated after merely injuring foes, relying on the wounds they inflicted with their claws to fell them.[1]


Underdark landwyrms spent their entire existence in the darkness below ground, where they made elaborate lairs that took advantage of natural surroundings such as chasms and lakes. They were known to be partial to gifts of magic.[1]

Landwyrms were among the dragons affected by the Dracorage.[2]



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