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Underhome, also known as the Great City of the Dwarves, was the capital city of the Deep Realm of the gold dwarves located within the Great Rift, from the Age of the Proud People until the year 1385 DR.[3][4] It was a heavily defended fortress, home to the great treasures and wealthiest clans of the gold dwarves of Faerûn.[2]


This great dwarfhold consisted of three massive caverns, whose colossal, 70' (21.3 m) tall, solid-gold gates were nestled into the eastern face of the Great Rift, overlooking the Riftlake.[1][5] The cavernous tunnels were lined with spired buildings similar to those that could be found on Toril's surface lands. They were often interconnected with one another by means of floating bridges and accessed by many-tiered walkways and mechanical elevators.[2] The entrance to Underhome was protected by a number of magical wards and inscribed with powerful arcane runes.[1]


The city was ruled by the council known as the Deep Lords, nobles of the realm's greatest clans. While they oversaw Underhome, they served the monarch of the Deep Kingdom. During the late 14th century DR, this was Queen Karrivva of Clan Simmerforge.[1]


Underhome was the trading center for dwarves of the Deep Realm. The city was home to a great many businesses including moneylenders, caravan masters, cheese-makers, butchers, weapon and armorsmiths, and boar-breeders whose herds were out grazing within the Rift. The garment-makers and clothiers of Underhome set the trends for dwarven fashion across Faerûn.[2]


On one occasion, the golden gates of Underhome withstood the assault of a great wyrm, who launched its body at them with all its might.[1]

When the Spellplague struck Toril in 1385 DR, great rifts opened up in the Underdark beneath the Sea of Fallen Stars, which in turn caused the collapse of great swathes of land. The Underchasm formed in southern Faerûn, devastating the Great Rift, including the Deep Realm and its capital of Underhome.[6] Many gold dwarves were able to flee the cataclysm through the elemental portals that fed the Riftlake, and others, including the Deep Lords, fled east to the devout city of Eartheart.[7]

The fortress of Underwatch was established near the entrance that led to the ruins of Underhome. The dwarven guardians aided surface-dwellers in their travels into the exposed areas of the Underdark, but fiercely protected their former noble city of Underhome.[7][8]

Notable Clans[]

  • Clan Belindorn[2]
  • Clan Ghalkin
  • Clan Gordrivver
  • Clan Malthin
  • Clan Simmerforge