Undermountain: Maddgoth's Castle, written by Steven E. Schend, was released by TSR, Inc. in 1996. It is the second Dungeon Crawl adventure, set in the largest, most dangerous dungeon in the Forgotten Realms: Undermountain. The adventure is meant for 4-8 characters, levels 7-10.

"Ye want this ol' moneylender's advice on entering Halaster's Hall yet again? My advice is this: Don't. There's precious few treasures worth the death and agony and fear you'll face. Your problems are twofold: First, ye've walked its halls before, and Halaster pays attention to those who visit him frequently (and he's the one you don't want to have watching you!). Second, you're looking for the lair of that lunatic wizard-murderer from Trades Ward. He's a dangerous lot, that Maddgoth, and many other met their ends by underestimating that pasty-faced little scarecrow. If you're looking to lay siege to Maddgoth's Castle, you're on your own. I've not visited it, and I'm not likely to, either. Truth be told, no adventurer I've heard of looked for Maddgoth's lair and returned to tell of it.

"Not that this scares bold heroes such as ye be, right? Well, the path to fame allows fools and champions alike, though fools often listen better than heroes. Until our coins are shared again, good fortune."

Mirt the Moneylender
This DUNGEON CRAWL adventure returns once again to the hallowed halls of Undermountain and into an adventure like those AD&D game archetypes of years past. This is a stand-alone module and does not require extra support materials. It can be placed easily into a campaign on any AD&D world, but best fits a FORGOTTEN REALMS campaign set in Undermountain or Waterdeep.



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