The Underworld was a realm in the Spirit World, a land of unworthy dead and evil spirits punished by the Celestial Bureaucracy of Kara-Tur.[2][1][note 1]


The Underworld was a realm of hells, filled with dark caverns that echoed with the anguished wails of the spirits bound there, out of sight of mortal eyes.[2]


The Underworld was the hellish prison of the spirits of the dead who had been found unworthy by Fa Kuan, god of justice, and his Lords of Karma.[2][3] Condemned to an eternity of torment for living evil or worthless lives, they were imprisoned in the Underworld during the day, yet they were able to wander the material world at night, as bajang, bisan, gaki, and worse. They haunted graveyards, places of evil or death, or where they'd died or were buried.[2]

It was also the fate of rogue officials of the Celestial Bureaucracy, those whom the Celestial Emperor had found to be incapable, corrupt, or ill-behaved. They were formally devested of their position and powers and sent in disgrace to the Underworld.[2]

The gates of the Underworld were guarded against intruders by the Spirit Warriors.[2]


The Shou believed the Underworld to lay in the west, and so thought it unlucky to build a house facing this way.[4]

In Kozakura, the volcano of Gensuyama on Shinkoku was said by local hermits to contain an entrance to the Underworld. Its wicked denizens sometimes escaped and lurked around the mountain, including con-tinh, kuei, and p'oh.[5]



  1. It is not unclear where the Underworld is, but this article assumes it lies in the Spirit World like the Celestial Heavens.


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