Undumor (previously known as Emmech) is a fortress in Aglarond. It was built by King Brindor Olósynne and aided in the defence of Aglarond against invaders from Thesk.[1] The fortress is situated at the mouth of the River Umber.[2] It is built on a low hill and made from grey stone with towers and parapets. Its walls are crenelated.[3]


The fortress was originally constructed by King Brindor Olósynne and named Emmech. It was intended to protect against raiders from Thesk. In 1194 DR, it launched forces to repel the invasion of the Red Wizards from Thay, in the Battle of the Singing Sands, in which King Elthond Olósynne is killed during the battle.[4][5]


By 1368 DR, the number of troops in Emmech had increased to 2500, which was a large proportion of the total army. There was also a village around the fortress, with five hundred inhabitants, who kept the harbour and provided services to the troops.[6]

By 1374 DR, the troops stationed here, known as the Army of the Lion, and now led by Lord Gante Demelin, had been reduced to 1500 in number, but the total population (including these troops) had swelled to 7600. The city was ruled by Lady Mantelia Parsuns. The detachment of Aglarondan griffonriders stationed in Emmech were led by Captain Araevil Darkeye. The settlement outside the fortress had a military feel and most of its buildings were constructed of stone. The two towers facing the River Umber were equipped with a river chain that could be rasied from the bottom of the river in order to block ships.[7]

Takeover by ThayEdit

At some point between 1374 DR and 1479 DR, it fell into Thayan hands and was renamed Undumor. As of 1479 DR, it contained undead creatures such as vampiric knights. Citadel Dantalien conducted regular assaults on the fortress in an attempt to clear the undead, but they were rumoured to be digging beneath the river in order to circumvent Citadel Dantalian altogether.[2]



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