Unfailing endurance was a necromancy spell that granted one or more creatures almost complete immunity from fatigue.[1]


The caster could bestow this boon on as many creatures as he or she had experience levels, but was required to touch them during the casting. Each recipient was immune to fatigue and exhaustion for one day per level of the caster. This allowed affected creatures to do intensely physical labor for 12 hours, or force march for 12 hours and not get tired. In addition, each subject had a greatly increased chance of overcoming tests of strength, constitution, stamina, or overall fitness, including resisting magical attacks such as weakness, fatigue, or enfeeblement.[1][note 1]


Only verbal and somatic components were required to cast this spell.[1]


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  1. The Player's Option: Spells & Magic describes other systems of magic, including some using "spell points" and "fatigue points". The Player's Option: Combat & Tactics describes a combat system that uses fatigue points. In those systems, this spell doubled a creature's fatigue rating and gave them a bonus to recover from a fatigue or exhausted state.


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