Unholy blight was a divine evocation spell unique to the evil domain that damaged good-aligned creatures.[1]


Upon casting, a cloying miasma of cold and greasy darkness spread around a point determined by the caster in a radius of 20 feet (6.1 meters). The point of origin was determined by the caster and could be anywhere within 100 feet or more depending on the caster's skill.[1]

This darkness caused harm to any creature depending on its philosophical orientation: the full effect to those of good, no effect on evil creatures, and only partially effective on those in between.[1]

First, physical damage was suffered. This damage was about doubly more dangerous to good creatures than neutral ones and when it came down to good outsiders, the lethality was double that of normal good creatures. Furthermore, good creatures suffered a sickening effect for a time, that made follow-up attacks more dangerous to them. The damage could be softened and good creatures could also protect themselves against the debilitating effect when they showed a strong will.[1]


This spell required only verbal and somatic components.[1]


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