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Uni[1] the Unicorn, was a former companion of Presto (who later became an apprentice of Elminster),[2] and friend of Bobby.[3]


Uni was a small unicorn who would sometimes prove useful to her allies.[1]


The small magical beast attacked with her alicorn, and could cast a small number of spells.[1]


Uni lived in the Realm, and appeared only to be able to exist within it. When Bobby the Barbarian and his friends entered the Realm, the two became great friends, and never wished to separate.[1][note 1]

By 1369 DR, a store in Athkatla displayed a painting of Bobby, along with Uni. The accompanying description of the painting stated that she was Bobby's pet, and that she was even smaller than the barbarian himself. This description also told of a rumor that she was presumably swallowed by Tiamat as well.[3]



  1. Uni the Unicorn did not appear in The Grand Tour, suggesting that Bobby and Uni parted ways.


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