In the Heralds of Faerûn, the office of Unicorn was one of the High Heralds[1] and the oldest and most revered. The holder of this office could set policy and his or her judgement took precedence in debates over Herald business, which could only be overruled by a unanimous vote from a quorum of the other High Heralds.[2] By tradition, Unicorn had the first right to cry and judge all contests of honor, whether ceremonial, ritual, or personal single combat, except for those involving great cats or horses, mules and other creatures related to horses. Unicorn was allowed to live in the opulent mansion known as Herald's Hall, deep under Mount Sklagarra on lake Swordsmere.[3][4]


The badge of office for Unicorn was a rod of ebony with a unicorn horn mounted on one end. It was a +1 weapon that was enchanted with a permanent continual light. The holder of this office was also entrusted with the famous Rod of the Heralds, a simple black rod of rulership with other enhancements known only to the High Heralds.[3]

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