An unnamed old man was the leader of the Assassins Guild of the Galenas until 1357 DR.


The Grandfather allied with the lich-king of Vaasa Zhengyi and conspired with him to kill King Virdin of Damara. After the death of Virdin, he and his assassins slaughtered the most loyal and powerful nobles of Damara in a single night.[3]

After the fall of the kingdom of Damara, the Grandfather saw a perfect opportunity to gain direct power. So he gathered all the deserters, refugees, bullies, and other scum he could, forging them into a bandit army. With this army, he subjugated the Barony of Bloodstone until 1357 DR. When Baron Tranth rebelled, the Grandfather sent his entire army, because it was crucial for him to gain control of the Bloodstone Pass. He was planning to occupy Arcata next.[2]

In 1357 DR, he was the leader of the main army that went to attack Bloodstone Village.[4]

After being defeated in that battle,[5] he try to have vengeance, sending his best henchman, the Fist, and a squad of assassins to kill Gareth Dragonsbane's party.[6]

At last, he plotted to send one of his minions, Cavil, to be captured by the adventurers in order to lure Gareth's party into a trap.[7] However, the Grandfather was killed when the monk Kane infiltrated his citadel.[1]


The Grandfather was a cold and calculating individual, always trying to suppress emotions. He was normally cruel and aloof. The Grandfather cared nothing for the suffering of others and was interested only in power.[2]



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