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A cloaked man, who signed his messages as "a friend", was an unnamed agent active in Neverwinter in the late 15th century DR.[1]

Move along now. You're drawing attention.[1]


Following the Siege of Neverwinter in the Year of the Ageless One, 1479 DR, the cloaked man worked for an unidentified power in Neverwinter who desired for people to resettle the devastated Blacklake District. To this end, he worked to disrupt and eliminate the gangs that plagued it, the Nashers and the Dead Rats, by turning them against each other. He hired a rogue adventurer to raid a Dead Rats–held house, kill the wererats, and Nashers propaganda pamphlets by a bedroll to make it appear that a double agent was behind it.[1]

Later, in Neverdeath graveyard, he asked a rogue to recover a Lucanis family heirloom from Gorim Tomb-Raider.[1]

Finally, the cloaked man learned of a plot to assassinate Lord Dagult Neverember, by a group better equipped than the Nashers. Resolving to deal with it quietly to avoid embarrassing the city's ruler, the cloaked located their hideout in Protector's Enclave and hired an adventure to enter through a window and defeat the conspirators.[1]



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