An unnamed old woman was forced to lure unsuspecting travelers towards the evil Darkmoon temple in 1358 DR.[1]

Description Edit

The old woman wore a brown robe with a hood. She had dark brown eyes and wrinkles on her face.[1]

History Edit

After the Heroes of Waterdeep had been sent to investigate Temple Darkmoon by Khelben Arunsun, they stumbled across the elderly woman in the surrounding forest. As Khelben had asked them to find out more information about his missing scout, Amber, the adventurers may have questioned the woman. The old woman dismissed that Amber was lost, and suggested that the heroes could find help in the suspicious temple itself. The old woman may then have led them to Darkmoon, and if so, left them in front of its entryway. She then told the group that she had to tend to her home, and excused herself, disappearing into the forest.[1]

The old woman, in fact, carried note of interest on her. The note detailed that the clerics of Darkmoon abducted her family, and would only return them once she had performed a service. She was ordered to direct travelers to the temple, in exchange for a mere silver coin for each she managed to lead there.[1]



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