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An unseelie nymph was a twisted relative of the nymph that delighted in the destruction of natural beauty.[1][2]


Their beauty, while rivaling that of their good cousins, was not quite the same; only the occasional glint of malevolence in their eyes or smirk betrayed their intentions, and it was easy to miss.[2] Unseelie nymphs that favored forests had black or brown hair, while those that favored aquatic environments had blond or blue-green hair.[1]


It delighted unseelie nymphs to witness and to foment the destruction of all that was good and beautiful. Their hearts were some of the most corrupt in nature, intensely spiteful and willing to destroy anything beautiful so long as their own beauty wasn't at risk. They maintained an innocent demeanor at all times, never overtly betraying their true colors.[2][1]

Unseelie nymphs were extremely particular about their chosen environment; a forest unseelie nymph would stay away from lakes (even those she befouled), and an aquatic unseelie nymph kept her distance from forests, never dwelling willingly in the other's environment.[2]


Any creature that laid eyes on the unseelie nymph was at risk of falling in love with her, an effect well likened to being charmed; men so affected were known to be more vulnerable to the nymph's corruption and especially pliable to her orders. This effect was so intense that even elves were at a fair risk of being afflicted. However, the most dramatic abilities of this kind of nymph were their passive effects on the wilderness around them; they fouled water, twisted vegetation, and even caused them to die. By 1367 DR, the areas were measured as 5 square miles (13 square kilometers) after four months;[2] by 1372 DR, the area was more precisely measured as a circle with a radius of 150 feet (46 meters) per week. Some intelligent plants were able to endure this, but surviving for a week was not a guarantee they'd survive the next; even if they felt the damage, they would not necessarily know to attribute it to the nymph.[1] Only the most powerful druids had the means to reverse this damage without a limited wish or wish spell.[2]

Creatures that spent weeks charmed in the company of an unseelie nymph were degraded by its ability to corrupt beauty, afflicted by a mysterious wasting. Such creatures were permanently diminished in their fortitude and in their talents, due to the nymph's influence; it was thought that a wish or limited wish only could reverse this damage, though restoration was partially effective.[2] By 1372 DR, they were known to do this actively, and the damage was considered to be centered in their force of personality rather than talents. While it was possible, albeit taxing, to endure this effect, it was especially vicious when used against men.[1]

Forest-dwelling nymphs were excellent climbers, while aquatic nymphs were excellent swimmers.[1]


Unseelie nymphs preferred to leave combat to those they had charmed, using their dimension door to stay out of combat.[1][2]


Unseelie nymphs were the sworn enemy of druids, rangers, and servants of nature deities. They seldom banded together, but when they did, it was to destroy the work of a powerful druid or other servant of nature. Otherwise, they were solitary, keeping only the company of those they charmed and slowly drained of their beauty.[2] They were extremely particular about their environment, and would not willingly dwell outside of their favoured terrain.[1]

Notable Unseelie Nymphs[]



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