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The Untheric Crusade[1] was a conflict between the nations of Mulhorand and Unther that took place in the late years of the 14th century DR.[2]



In response to the death of Gilgeam the Tyrant and the insistence of the god Anhur for Mulhorand to take a more active role in the world, the pharaoh of Mulhorand, Horustep III, allowed the clerics of Anhur to cross the River of Swords and invade their long-time rival nation. Assisted by a mercenary company, the Gold Swords, Mulhorand invaded Unther in 1371 DR.[2][3]


The initial campaign was incredible successful, and the Mulhorandi forces were able to conquer all of Unther, with the exception of Messemprar.[2][4] However, a few Untherite rebel forces, led by the Northern Wizards, keep fighting and were able to repel the Mulhorandi forces, mostly thanks to the secret support of the Red Wizards of Thay, who didn't want to allow Mulhorand to create a new empire.[4]

As the conflict raged, new factions became involved, such as the churches of Tiamat, Gilgeam, and Hoar, that opposed the Mulhorandi occupation forces.[5] Irregular forces such as the Gray Ghost bandits, the wizards of the Enclave, and the Rebels of the Moon, also joined the fight against the Mulhorandi.[6]

In 1373 DR, the conflict turned in favor of the Untherite rebels when followers of Bane from Mourktar aided the defense of Messemprar, reinforcing the besieged defenders of that city. The mysterious Legion of Nanna-Sin also helped them fight against the other Mulhorandi forces in the southern regions of Unther.[1]

The conflict lasted until 1379 DR, when the Mulhorandi were finally able to conquer the city of Messemprar, putting an end to the conflict at last.[7]


With Messemprar finally under Mulhorandi control, Unther became a province of Mulhorand, ushering in the short-lived "Third Mulhorandi Empire".[7]