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The Upland Rise was a forested hill that marked the northeastern edge of the city of Neverwinter.[1][2][3]


The Upland Rise historically served as a natural park for the people of Neverwinter.[1][2][4] Mists from the Neverwinter River would gather around the base of the hill during the night.[5]


In the decades following the eruption of Mount Hotenow, Dagult Neverember sent loggers and engineers to harvest the trees on the Upland Rise for lumber to rebuild the Neverwinter docks.[4] By the late 1470s DR, the hill had been completely deforested and stripped of its natural beauty, leaving it a wasteland dotted with stumps.[5]

In the Year of the Dark Circle, 1478 DR, the Red Wizard Dhafiyand set a trap for members of the Nashers by luring them to the Upland Rise at night. There, he attacked alongside ash zombies and stole the Crown of Neverwinter from them.[5][6]



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