The Uplands was a sparsely populated stretch of farmlands in the realm of Impiltur, located east of the Earthfast Mountains and north of the much more populated region known as the Easting Coast.[1]


The Uplands contained a few large towns and small cities but was most noted for its numerous farming communities known as "thaedars". These collectives saw a number of small farms banding together for mutual protection, easier transportation of goods and a greater shared labor force during the harvest months. Among the most successful and well-known of these groups included the Red Ram, Silver Plough and Three Horns thaedars.[1]

The miners and other laborers of the Uplands led hard lives that often led to heavy drinking rowdy behavior. While this behavior was seldom tolerated, these hard-working folk earned the nation significant wealth, and were a granted a fair amount of leeway by otherwise austere Impilturan constabulary.[1]


Before the Great Glacier receded from northeastern Faerûn the Uplands were dominated by the great hobgoblin realm of Haekrukkha.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit


A number of Triadic monasteries and abbeys were located in the Uplands.


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