Uplift was a cooperative spell that allowed one priest to boost the spellcasting ability of another, temporarily granting higher level spells.


Both priests had to be able to cast this spell, which took 12 hours to complete. At the end of this long ritual, the higher level priest was granted two (or more, depending on the level of the assisting priest) experience levels for the purpose of spellcasting only, i.e., no benefits other than receiving extra spells and the ability to cast them at the temporary level. During the casting of uplift, the priests decided which new spells of all levels they desired and supplicated their deity or deities for them. Upon successful completion of this spell, the priests touched palms and the superior priest immediately gained the additional spells and had 10 minutes in which to cast them. At the end of this time, the priest that received the uplift took mental exhaustion damage that could only be healed after eight hours of bedrest.


The only somatic component of this spell was the touching of palms at the very end. Verbal components included naming the bonus spell or spells desired. The material components were the priests' holy symbols and an offering from each priest worth at least 500 gp.


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