Urdogen was a pirate lord of history residing in Ravenloft.


Urdogen was the successor of Immurk as lord of the Pirate Isles in 1204 DR. His raids inflicted such great damage that on Eleint 11 of 1209 DR, Cormyr, Sembia, Impiltur, and the Vilhon Reach joined together to assault him and the Dragonisle.[1][2] When Urdogen saw all his ships destroyed he fled in his last ship, proclaiming his undying vengeance to the Inner Sea but soon was surrounded by strange mists and found himself in Ravenloft.[1]

There he soon became a specter and cursed all his crew with unlife. In time, he became a minor Ravenloft lord but never forgot his vengeance. On moonless nights when the fog was high, Urdogen went back to Faerûn and preyed upon all ships he found but at dawn was driven back to Ravenloft.[1]