Urdsrest was the divine realm of Kuraulyek.[1]


In the Great Wheel cosmology, Urdsrest was located in a cavern inside a hill on Oinos in Hades.[3]

In the World Tree cosmology, Kuraulyek's realm was located in the Underdark of the Barrens of Doom and Despair.[2]


The place was described as being gloomy.[3] It was also inhabited by fiendish dire bats,[2] which also protected his realm.[4]


Urdsrest's purpose was to be Kuraulyek's hiding spot.[2] He never set a foot outside of it because he feared Kurtulmak's revenge[3] for putting the entire kobold race at risk of extinction with his cowardice.[2]



  1. Kuraulyek's realm under the World Tree cosmology was never actually named. However, it is assumed that it retained its name from the Great Wheel cosmology like other realms.


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