Urgala Meltimer was an innkeeper in Triboar sometime after the War of the Silver Marches.[2]


Urgala was a female human of Turami descent, with dark brown skin and black hair. She kept herself fit and could be quite intimidating.[1]


Urgala was a former adventurer and because of her previous experiences she held a deep mistrust for all adventurers. She liked retirement and was very protective of her home, the Northshield House inn, and was willing to fight to preserve it. All guests in the inn bearing weapons were admonished to keep them sheathed.[2] She treated bullies just like monsters, curbing their behavior with a sharp word and a firm hand, or driving them out with violence if necessary.[1]


She was skilled with a morningstar and a shortbow, especially against giants. She spoke both common and the language of giants.


Urgala was the owner and proprietor of the Norhtshield House, an inn located in Triboar. She also had three masiffs which she used for hunting.[2]


Urgala kept the Northshield House clean and quiet, earning it a good reputation in the region.[2]


Sometime before the War of the Silver Marches, Urgala's adventuring days ended after her wizard wife was lost in the Underdark while on an expedition. Urgala retired to Triboar and purchased the Northshield House from the Phorndyl family and has been its proprietor for over a decade.


Behind the scenesEdit

Urgala was one of the special NPCs that could be played by the players during the campaign's arc in their city.