Urlgen Threefist was an orc and the son of King Obould Many-Arrows.[1]


In the Battle of Shallows of 1370 DR, Urlgen led some of his father's forces against Shallows, with the orcs fighting from the south while some of Dame Gerti Orelsdottr's giants threw stones from across a ravine to the north. Shallows was ultimately leveled by the attack, causing the death of Withegroo Seian'Doo the wizard.[1]

Urlgen was approached during the campaign by Gerti Orelsdottr, seeking to diminish his father's standing, lending Urlgen the aid of a number of frost giants, who built giant catapults to help crush the dwarves standing against him. Nanfoodle caused the catapults to collapse however, using his knowledge as an alchemist to make the wood weaker.[1]

The fighting was intense and Urlgen wrongfooted Innovindil when he used his headbutt against her, leaving her a little stunned, but she recovered. Ultimately, Urlgen fell as Innovindil drew her boot dagger and drove it up into his head as he attempted another for another headbutt. Whilst Innovindil fought with Urlgen, Drizzt and Guenhwyvar provided her with cover, keeping the other orcs from the fight.[1]



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