Urlryn Khalazza was the head of the College of Conjuration and one of the members of the Conclave of Sshamath in the city of Sshamath in the year 1372 DR.[2]


In 1377 DR, Q'arlynd Melarn told the priestess of Eilistraee Miverra that Urlryn had risen through the ranks by poisoning all his rivals.[3] After spoking with Miverra the Master of Divination Seldszar Elpragh informed Master Urlryn of his discoveries about the faerzress's problems and Urlryn said he received the same information from a cleric of Vhaeraun from Skullport. [4]

In 1379 DR Urlryn agreed with Seldszar's proposal to the Conclave to elevate Q'arlynd as new member, Master of the Ancient Arcana.[5]

Later he met with Masters Seldszar Elpragh, Masoj Dhuunyl and Q'arlynd Melarn and they involved also Masoj in their plan to strip the faerzress from the drow.[6]

Together with Q'arlynd's apprentices and the Masters Seldszar Elpragh and Masoj Dhuunyl he helped Q'arlynd when he engineered (with the aid of Eilistraee) the ritual that transformed all drow not tainted by Wendonai's blood into brown-skinned dark elves. Afterward they all relocated to Rhymanthiin.[7]





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