Urml was a settlement of grippli at the far eastern end of the Wetwoods in the Shining Plains.[1]


Over a number of years, grippli gathered at this location and established the settlement of Urml. They tried to stay out of the affairs of humanoids as much as they could.[1]

In the Year of the Spur, 1348 DR, an excavation outside Urml turned up a magically preserved rieldoxia, a word crystal of the fallen empire of Jhaamdath. It apparently contained the thought images of Exarch Thelasand IV of Jhaamdath, made after the Procession of Justice in the Year of the Striking Lance, –247 DR. It mentioned his escape to the Wetwoods and captivity among grippli.[3]


Around 1370 DR, Urml was home to some 200 grippli, making it something of a city by grippli standards,[1] as their villages usually only numbered ten to sixty individuals.[4][note 1]


Urml's leader around 1370 DR was the elderly tribe mother Oluusious, aged nearly four hundred years old. She was afraid of humanoid expeditions into the Wetwoods, worrying that human expansion would mean their small village being added to human lands.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit

A shrine to Silvanus was found in Urml.[2]



  1. In The Vilhon Reach, Urml is said to be a town, a city, and a small village, even in one paragraph. As it is much larger than average grippli settlements, it may be that Urml is a village by human standards, but a city by grippli standards.


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