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A uropygus, also known as a giant whip scorpion[2], giant pedipalp[1], monstrous uropygid[1], or occasionally giant vinegaroon[1], was a very rare and dangerous creature, mainly found in the Underdark.


Uroypgi were the largest type of pedipalpi. They had spiny bone-armored pincers and feelers like the smaller types, but also had tails which resembled the stinger of a scorpion. It was sometimes called a giant vinegaroon due to its acidic spray.[2][3][1][4]


Uropygi fought with their two pincers and vicious bite. They could execute a gripping attack, and if the opponent could not escape it, they crushed and held in place for a series of bites.[2][3][1]

As well as using their appendages, these creatures were also able to release poison gas thrice a day. The yellow, sultry and acrid gas would expand around a 20' radius sphere and those within would uncontrollably spasm and tremor.[2]



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