Ursinals were mighty guardinals that were native to the Blessed Fields of Elysium and the House of Nature.[3] They were the philosophers and scholars of the guardinals and acted as advisers to the leonals.[2][1]

Ursinals looked like large humanoids with distinct bear-like attributes, including fur that was light golden, red, or golden brown in color, and a pronounced muzzle and upright ears. Ursinals were kind creatures and enjoyed sharing their knowledge with others but had a tendency to digress when talking about a subject. They disliked physical combat and violence but were fierce fighters and mighty spellcasters, having a wide array of spells and spell-like abilities.[2][1]

The ruler of the the ursinals was Bharrai, the Great Bear. She represented the ursinals in the Five Companions. She was also called Mother Bear, because she treated other ursinals as cherished children. During winters, she would turn her lodge into a school of magic for the ursinals.[4] Ursinals were also known to serve Mystra, the goddess of magic.[5]


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