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My Forgotten Realms Wiki "To Do" list:

  • add missing spells from 2nd Edition sources (in progress)
  • add unique class kits for Al-Qadim (DONE!)
  • add new wizard spells for Al-Qadim (DONE!)
  • add new magical items for Al-Qadim (in progress)
  • add unique ships for Al-Qadim (in progress)
  • add new weapons for Al-Qadim (in progress)
  • add new creatures for Al-Qadim (DONE!)
  • flesh out the districts of Huzuz (DONE!, whew)
  • add Zakharan clothing (DONE!)
  • add individual shops for the Grand Bazaar (DONE!)
  • expand categories for Zakharan kits (Done!)
  • add inhabitants of the Royal Harim of Huzuz (DONE!)
  • help update DEFAULT SORT for proper names (mostly DONE)
  • update Midani dictionary (in progress)
  • clean "articles requiring cleanup" (ongoing)
  • create "Ship" template (DONE!, thanks Movie!)
  • rewrite articles tagged with plagiarism (in progress)
  • add pages for geographical features of Zakhara based upon maps (in progress)
  • update popular monster pages with 2E info (in progress)
  • complete geographical features of the Hordelands (in progress)
  • expand geographical features of the Moonshae Isles (in progress)

Sourcebooks Checklist

Books that I own (format credited to Hashimashadoo).

1st edition Forgotten Realms

City SystemDreams of the Red WizardsEmpires of the SandsKara-Tur: The Eastern RealmsLords of DarknessThe MagisterThe Mines of BloodstoneMoonshaeThe Savage Frontier (sourcebook)Swords of the Iron LegionThe Throne of Bloodstone

2nd edition Forgotten Realms

AnaurochAurora's Whole Realms CatalogueBlack CourserBlood ChargeThe Bloodstone LandsBook of LairsCalimportCastle SpulzeerCloak & DaggerThe Code of the HarpersCormyrCult of the DragonThe DalelandsDemihuman DeitiesDemihumans of the RealmsDoom of DaggerdaleDraconomicon (1990)Drizzt Do'Urden's Guide to the UnderdarkThe Drow of the UnderdarkDwarves DeepElminster's EcologiesElminster's Ecologies Appendix IElminster's Ecologies Appendix IIElves of EvermeetEmpires of the Shining SeaFaiths & AvatarsFor Duty & DeityForgotten Realms AdventuresThe Forgotten Realms AtlasForgotten Realms Campaign SettingForgotten Realms ConspectusForgotten Realms Interactive AtlasFour from CormyrGiantcraftGold & GloryThe Great GlacierThe Great Khan GameHall of HeroesHalls of the High KingHaunted Halls of EveningstarHeroes' LorebookThe HordeHorde CampaignHordes of DragonspearHow the Mighty Are FallenThe Jungles of ChultMenzoberranzanMonstrous Compendium Forgotten Realms Appendix (MC3)Monstrous Compendium Forgotten Realms Appendix (MC11)The MoonseaNightmare KeepNightwatch in the Living CityOld EmpiresPages from the MagesPirates of the Fallen StarsPlayer's Guide to the Forgotten Realms CampaignPort of Ravens BluffPowers & PantheonsPrayers from the FaithfulThe Ruins of Myth DrannorThe Ruins of UndermountainRuins of Zhentil KeepSecrets of the MagisterThe Seven SistersShadowdale (adventure)The Shining SouthSpellboundStorm RidersThe Vilhon ReachVillains' LorebookVolo's Guide to Baldur's Gate IIVolo's Guide to CormyrVolo's Guide to the DalelandsVolo's Guide to the NorthVolo's Guide to the Sword CoastVolo's Guide to WaterdeepWarriors and Priests of the RealmsWizards and Rogues of the Realms

3rd edition Forgotten Realms

Champions of RuinChampions of ValorForgotten Realms Campaign Setting 3rd editionThe Grand History of the RealmsLords of DarknessMagic of FaerûnPlayer's Guide to FaerûnSerpent KingdomsUnapproachable East


A Dozen and One AdventuresArabian AdventuresAssassin MountainCaravansCities of BoneCity of DelightsThe Complete Sha'ir's HandbookCorsairs of the Great SeaGolden VoyagesLand of FateMonstrous Compendium Al-Qadim AppendixReunionRuined KingdomsSecrets of the Lamp


Legends of the Hero-Kings

Dark Sun

The Complete Gladiator's HandbookDragon KingsMonstrous Compendium Dark Sun Appendix: Terrors of the DesertMonstrous Compendium Dark Sun Appendix II: Terrors beyond TyrThri-kreen of Athas


Treasures of Greyhawk


Kara-Tur: The Eastern RealmsMonstrous Compendium Kara-Tur AppendixOchimo: The Spirit Warrior




City of GoldEndless ArmiesFires of ZatalMaztica Campaign Set


Children of the Night: VampiresMonstrous Compendium Ravenloft Appendix IMonstrous Compendium Ravenloft Appendix IIMonstrous Compendium Ravenloft Appendix IIIVan Richten's Guide to the Ancient DeadVan Richten's Guide to the CreatedVan Richten's Guide to FiendsVan Richten's Guide to GhostsVan Richten's Guide to the LichVan Richten's Guide to VampiresVan Richten's Guide to the VistaniVan Richten's Guide to Werebeasts


The Complete Spacefarer's HandbookGreyspaceMonstrous Compendium Spelljammer Appendix 1Monstrous Compendium Spelljammer Appendix 2War Captain's Companion

Dungeons & Dragons (original)

Players ManualMaster DM's Book

1st edition AD&D

Manual of the Planes 1st editionMonster Manual IIOriental AdventuresPlayers Handbook 1st editionUnearthed Arcana

2nd edition AD&D

Age of HeroesArms and Equipment GuideThe Beginner's Guide to the ThiefBook of ArtifactsCampaign Sourcebook and Catacomb GuideThe Castle GuideCastle SitesCelts Campaign SourcebookChronomancer (sourcebook)The Complete Barbarian's HandbookThe Complete Bard's HandbookThe Complete Book of DwarvesThe Complete Book of ElvesThe Complete Book of Gnomes & HalflingsThe Complete Book of HumanoidsThe Complete Book of NecromancersThe Complete Book of VillainsThe Complete Druid's HandbookThe Complete Fighter's HandbookThe Complete Ninja's HandbookThe Complete Paladin's HandbookThe Complete Priest's HandbookThe Complete Psionics HandbookThe Complete Ranger's HandbookThe Complete Thief's HandbookThe Complete Wizard's HandbookCreative CampaigningDeck of Magical ItemsDeck of Wizard SpellsDestiny of KingsDungeon Builder's GuidebookDungeon Master Option: High-Level CampaignsDungeon Master Screen & Master IndexDungeon Master Guide 2nd edition (revised)Dungeon Master's Guide 2nd editionEncyclopedia Magica Volume IEncyclopedia Magica Volume IIEncyclopedia Magica Volume IIIEncyclopedia Magica Volume IVFighter's Challenge IFighter's Challenge IIThe Glory of RomeGuide to HellLegends & LoreThe Magic Encyclopedia Volume 1Monster MythologyMonstrous Compendium Annual Volume OneMonstrous Compendium Outer Planes AppendixMonstrous Compendium Volume OneMonstrous Compendium Volume TwoMonstrous ManualNight Below: An Underdark CampaignPlayer's Option: Combat & TacticsPlayer's Option: Skills & PowersPlayer's Option: Spells & MagicPlayer's Handbook 2nd editionPlayer's Handbook 2nd edition (revised)Sages and SpecialistsTome of MagicWizard's Challenge IWizard's Challenge IIWizard's Spell Compendium Volume OneWizard's Spell Compendium Volume TwoWizard's Spell Compendium Volume ThreeWizard's Spell Compendium Volume FourWorld Builder's Guidebook

3rd edition D&D

Book of Vile Darkness

4th edition D&D


Novel Reading Progress[]

Novels, novellas, and anthologies
292 / 297 (98.3%)
Darkwalker on Moonshae The Crystal Shard Black Wizards Spellfire Azure Bonds
Streams of Silver Darkwell Shadowdale Tantras Waterdeep
Pool of Radiance The Halfling's Gem The Wyvern's Spur Ironhelm Horselords
Dragonwall Viperhand Homeland Exile Crusade
Song of the Saurials Feathered Dragon Sojourn The Parched Sea Elfshadow
Canticle Red Magic Pools of Darkness Prophet of Moonshae In Sylvan Shadows
The Night Parade Night Masks The Legacy The Coral Kingdom The Ring of Winter
Realms of Valor The Druid Queen Crypt of the Shadowking The Fallen Fortress Prince of Lies
Starless Night Pool of Twilight Soldiers of Ice Elfsong Crown of Fire
The Chaos Curse Siege of Darkness The Ogre's Pact Realms of Infamy The Making of a Mage
The Giant Among Us Shadows of Doom King Pinch Once Around the Realms Cloak of Shadows
Masquerades Daughter of the Drow The Titan of Twilight War in Tethyr All Shadows Fled
Curse of the Shadowmage Realms of Magic Escape from Undermountain Murder in Cormyr Tangled Webs
Realms of the Underdark Sword Play The Veiled Dragon Silver Shadows Cormyr: A Novel
Passage to Dawn The Mage in the Iron Mask Murder in Halruaa Stormlight Dangerous Games
The Council of Blades Finder's Bane Tymora's Luck The Simbul's Gift Elminster in Myth Drannor
Realms of the Arcane Mortal Consequences The Abduction The Paladins The Mercenaries
Crucible Errand of Mercy The Lost Library of Cormanthyr An Opportunity for Profit Conspiracy
Evermeet: Island of Elves Uneasy Alliances Easy Betrayals Realms of Mystery The Diamond
Thornhold The Shadow Stone The Silent Blade Faces of Deception The Temptation of Elminster
Rising Tide Star of Cursrah The Glass Prison The Dream Spheres Baldur's Gate
Silverfall The Spine of the World Under Fallen Stars Beyond the High Road Realms of the Deep
The Magehound The Sea Devil's Eye Baldur's Gate: Shadows of Amn The Halls of Stormweather Death of the Dragon
The Nether Scroll Servant of the Shard Shadow's Witness The City of Ravens The Summoning
The Floodgate The Shattered Mask Elminster in Hell Temple Hill Baldur's Gate: Throne of Bhaal
Ruins of Myth Drannor Sea of Swords Black Wolf The Siege The Jewel of Turmish
The Wizardwar Realms of Shadow Heirs of Prophecy Dissolution Hand of Fire
The Thousand Orcs Sands of the Soul The Sorcerer Insurrection Lord of Stormweather
Condemnation Windwalker The Alabaster Staff Twilight Falling The Black Bouquet
The Lone Drow The Best of the Realms The Sapphire Crescent The Crimson Gold Extinction
The Yellow Silk Venom's Taste The Rage Elminster's Daughter Dawn of Night
Lady of Poison Annihilation Forsaken House Realms of the Dragons The Two Swords
The Ruby Guardian Mistress of the Night The Rite Viper's Kiss Resurrection
Realms of the Dragons II The Best of the Realms II Maiden of Pain Farthest Reach The City of Splendors
The Emerald Scepter Master of Chains Queen of the Depths Promise of the Witch-King Midnight's Mask
Ghostwalker Whisper of Waves Son of Thunder Realms of the Elves Vanity's Brood
Bladesinger The Ruin Final Gate Blackstaff Bloodwalk
Swords of Eveningstar Darkvision Lies of Light Road of the Patriarch Shadowbred
Frostfell Sacrifice of the Widow Depths of Madness Unclean The Best of the Realms III
The Gossamer Plain Scream of Stone The Howling Delve Shadowstorm Swords of Dragonfire
Storm of the Dead The Orc King Stardeep Crypt of the Moaning Diamond Neversfall
Realms of War Undead Obsidian Ridge The Shield of Weeping Ghosts Swordmage
Ascendancy of the Last Sentinelspire Blackstaff Tower Mistshore The Pirate King
The Fractured Sky The Sword Never Sleeps Plague of Spells Shadowrealm The Fanged Crown
Unholy Corsair Downshadow The Restless Shore City of the Dead
The Stowaway The Crystal Mountain The Edge of Chaos City of Torment The Ghost King
The Shadowmask The Fall of Highwatch Wrath of the Blue Lady Realms of the Dead The God Catcher
Avenger The Captive Flame Circle of Skulls Unbroken Chain Elminster Must Die
Key of Stars Gauntlgrym Whisper of Venom Hand of the Hunter The Legend of Drizzt Anthology
Sandstorm Sword of the Gods Dawnbringer The Spectral Blaze Untold Adventures
The Darker Road The Sentinels Bury Elminster Deep Shadowbane Cold Steel and Secrets
Neverwinter Brimstone Angels Cry of the Ghost Wolf The Masked Witches Venom in Her Veins
The Rose of Sarifal Spinner of Lies Prince of Ravens The Gilded Rune Charon's Claw
Elminster Enraged Shadowbane: Eye of Justice Spider and Stone Brimstone Angels: Lesser Evils Prophet of the Dead
The Last Threshold The Companions The Godborn The Adversary The Reaver
Night of the Hunter The Sentinel The Herald Rise of the King Fire in the Blood
Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf Spellstorm Archmage Ashes of the Tyrant Maestro
Death Masks The Devil You Know Hero Timeless Boundless
Relentless Starlight Enclave Glacier's Edge