The character Edit

Playing (A)D&D since 1992, Caelis Moonflower is the most common character to make its appearance every now and then in the P&P adventures I undertake. A half-even ranger, armed with dirk and short sword or aptly taking out hobgoblins with its shortbow, he has traveled where his adventures have taken him.

The misty woods along the rivershores of the Dalelands he calls his home, and derives his nickname - The Mistwalker - from his favourite hunting grounds. Hunting for evil that is, since he worships the goddess Mielikki who opposes all who corrupt the forests of Faerûn.

What lies underneath Edit

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Behind his every move is a Dutch man trying to add some more articles to the evergrowing Forgotten Realms Wiki. Although he is hooked on the FR CS since his very first P&P adventure, he also played and lead games as DM in various other settings like Jihad, Werewolves: The Apocalypse and Spelljammer. Working as an architectural historian and teacher he has now less time than he would like to spent on weekly D&D adventures. Nevertheless he tries to find time to write the odd article or two every once or while.

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