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I'm mostly a novel geek, but I've spent plenty of hours flipping through the sourcebooks I 'inherited' from my sister. I read loads of FR novels many years ago, but since I've all but forgotten them, I'm currently refreshing my memory and rereading whatever I can get my hands on.

Novels I've read recentlyEdit

Note: An asterisk * after the name of a book mean that I've covered that book (adding information and references, etc.) fairly extensively on the wiki. An asterisk in parentheses (*) means I've done a less intensive job or have done only parts of the book.

Legend of DrizztEdit

Dark Elf trilogy:
1. Homeland
2. Exile
3. Sojourn

Icewind Dale trilogy:
4. The Crystal Shard
5. Streams of Silver
6. The Halfling's Gem

Legacy of the Drow:
7. The Legacy
8. Starless Night
9. Siege of Darkness
10. Passage to Dawn

Paths of Darkness:
11. The Silent Blade
12. The Spine of the World
13. Sea of Swords

Hunter's Blades trilogy:
14. The Thousand Orcs
15. The Lone Drow
16. The Two Swords

17. The Orc King
18. The Pirate King
19. The Ghost King

Neverwinter Saga:
20. Gauntlgrym (*)
21. Neverwinter (*)
22. Charon's Claw (*)
23. The Last Threshold (*)

The Sundering (series):
24. The Companions *

Companions Codex:
25. Night of the Hunter *
26. Rise of the King *
27. Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf (*)

The SellswordsEdit

  1. Servant of the Shard
  2. Promise of the Witch-King
  3. Road of the Patriarch

Starlight & ShadowsEdit

  1. Daughter of the Drow *
  2. Tangled Webs *
  3. Windwalker *

War of the Spider QueenEdit

  1. Dissolution *
  2. Condemnation *
  3. Insurrection *
  4. Extinction *
  5. Annihilation *
  6. Resurrection *

Songs and Swords seriesEdit

  1. Elfshadow *
  2. Elfsong (*)


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Novels I ownEdit

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