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Usage Edit

| image         = 
| caption       = 
| name          = 
| type          = 
| location      = 
| owner         = 
| owneryear     = 
| staff         =
| staffyear     =
| services      = 
| worship       = 
| pipes         = 
| tankards      = 
| coins         = 
| daggers       = 
| inhabitants   = 
| locations     = 
| organizations = 
Optional. An image associated with the building.
Optional. A caption associated with the image. Only appears if the image parameter is used.
The name of the building.
Optional. The type of building, such as Inn, Tavern, and Guildhall.
Optional. The town or city the building can be found in.
Optional. The owner(s)/proprietor(s) of the building.
Optional. If the owner is provided, and if known, provide the date when the owner was known to own the building. Just provide the year, such as "1372", not "1372 DR".
Optional. Apart from the owner(s)/proprietor(s) of the building, other staff that runs the place, like maids,barmen or bouncer (Tavern), casier (shop), etc.
Optional. If other staff is provided, and if known, provide the date when the staff was known to work in the building. Just provide the year, such as "1372", not "1372 DR".
Optional. Any services provided by the staff of the building.
Optional. If the building is dedicated to the worship of a particular deity, indicate so here.
pipes, tankards, coins, and daggers 
Optional. If Volothamp Geddarm provided a quality (pipes or tankards, depending on type of building), price (coins), or dangerousness (daggers) rating in one of his many books, indicate so here by entering a value of 1 to 5.
inhabitants, locations, and organizations 
Optional. If set to 'yes' (quotes not included), the template will link to the appropriate category page. For inhabitants, this is Category:Inhabitants of NAME; for locations, this is Locations in NAME; for organizations, it is Organizations of NAME. If this is not the appropriate category name, instead of 'yes', insert the FULL name of the category, minus the 'Category:' part. For example, if the appropriate category for organizations is Category:Organizations on Evermeet, set this parameter to 'Organizations on Evermeet' (again, without the quotes).
Optional. If all of the information used in the template is from a single source, include that information here. Otherwise, use individual in-text citations.

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