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Who am I?[]

Why am I here?[]

It all started with work on the backstory for my warlock from Daggerford. The wiki was a great resource, so as I got to a point where I needed to do deeper research, I thought, "I need to make and organize all these notes anyway - why not contribute them and save others the time?"

So far this wood elf veteran of the Daggerford militia has forced me to become more familiar with the planes of Arvandor, Pandemonium, and Limbo; the archfey and Seldarine; history dating back to the First Flowering; and locations ranging all the way from the Shaar to the Bloodstone Lands. It turns out that when you try to explain how a lawful good foundling adopted by Darfin Floshin had the Queen of Air and Darkness for a patron (matron?), it practically becomes a campaign in and of itself.


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