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Deneir symbol.jpg Daranios is a follower of Deneir.

About the Scribe[]

As a servant of Deneir, Daranios has seen and worked in various repositories of knowledge, but was impressed by the size and organization of the great library called the Forgotten Realms Wiki and decided to stay. As many things Faerûnian were already well in order (though never in this world is a scribe's work done), he started to work on the treatment of the exotic continent of Zakhara which he knew and valued from his adventuring career, and sometimes also other areas on the fringes, like Realmspace and the Great Wheel of the planes. On the other hand, he knows very little about the repercussions of the world-shattering Spellplague.
Delving into Zakharan provinces of magic led him to more alternative systems of magic and the history of Netherese spell invention. He sees more tasks worthy of attention all the time, but caring for his small flock and sometime adventuring keep his scribing at a slow pace.
Though Daranios takes pride in his new creations, he is also often dealing with small-scale matters and sometimes thinks some gnomish blood runs through his veins.


At the moment I am also active at the Dungeon and Dragon Wiki's Canon Section, as there are much fewer contributors there than here. Anyone who would like to join the effort about covering core elements and other campaign settings there will be very welcome!


As Moviesign says, note that nothing is ever completely finished...

Faiths & Avatars, Powers & Pantheons, Demihuman Deities, Monster Mythology - done!
Legends & Lore (2nd edition): Eagle, Hecate, Hephaestus, Poseidon, Agni, Kali, Yama, Ptah, Shu, Re, Tefnut, Amaterasu, Thrym, Surtr - done!
Lost Empires of Faerûn - done!
Minor Seldarine: Dragon magazine 155 - done! Dragon magazine 236 - done! Dragon magazine 251: not started
Faiths and Pantheons Done up to (including): Arvoreen
Others, 1st edition? including Forgotten Realms Campaign Set, Manual of the Planes 1st edition, Deities & Demigods 1st edition (Non-human deities), Serpent Kingdoms, Player's Guide to Faerûn, ..., Category:Inhabitants of the World Axis planes - not started
  • Alternative systems of magic: Create articles + mention within magic for 2nd edition's alternative schools of magic; add schools + categories to spell articles; list missing spells - done!

More to do ideas[]

...given enough time. Help appreciated, of course.

Missing spells used by Al-Qadim wizards[]

Arabian Adventures: p. 152: 1st-level: Taunt 2nd-level: Forget 3rd-level: Delude 4th-level: Massmorph, polymorph other, rainbow pattern, vacancyfire charm p. 153: 5th-level: Advanced illusion, avoidanceairy water 6th-level: Enchant an itemglassee 8th-level: Glassteel (spell)
The Complete Sha'ir's Handbook, p. 124: 1st level: Conjure spell component, (Hornung's) guess, (Murdock's) feathery flyer, patternweavefire burstmetamorphose liquidslasting breath 2nd level: (Hornung's) baleful deflector, (Leomund's) trap, (Nahal's) nonsensical nullifier, past life, protection from paralysis, protection from cantrips, spectral handinsatiable thirstride the wind 3rd level: Alacrity, Alamir's fundamental, alternate reality, augmentation I, breakdown, far reaching I, fool's speech, hold undead p. 125: (Lorloveim's) creeping shadow, minor malison, wizard sightfireflow (spell)(Maximilian's) stony graspwatery double 4th-level: Dilation I, divination enhancement, far reaching II, mask of death, summon lycanthrope, there/not there, thunder staffturn pebble to boulder 5th-level: Distance distortion, far reaching III, (Khazid's) procurement, Leomund's lamentable belaborment, magic staff, safeguarding, (Von Gasik's) refusal, vortexwaveform p. 126: 6th-level: Augmentation II, (Bloodstone's) spectral steed, demi-shadow magic, dilation, (Lorloveim's) shadow transformation, monster summoning IV, wildshield, wildstrikeForest's fiery constrictor 7th-level: (Bloodstone's) frightful joining, charm plants, hatch the stone from the egg, intensify summoning, monster summoning V, shadowcat, spell shape, steal enchantement(Malec-Keth's) flame fist 8th-level: Binding, (Gunther's) kaleidoscopic strike, homunculus shield, (Hornung's) random dispatcher, (Otiluke's) telekinetic sphere, wildzoneairboat 9th-level: Monster summoning VII, stabilizeestate transference, wildfire (spell)glorious transmutationwildwind

Missing universal spells (according to Spells & Magic)[]

Protection from cantripsenchant an item

Missing elemental air spells[]

Spells & Magic: Lasting breath, ride the wind, Alamir's fundamental breakdown, conjure elemental-kin, airy water, neutralize gas, airboat

Wizard's Spell Compendium Volume Four: Murdock's Feathery Flyer, Otiluke's bubbling buoyancy, filter, zephyr, Odeen's magic cloud, airbolt, eagle vision, ground fog, improved whispering wind, hover, elemental control, protection from elementals, 10' radius, wind breath, ozone cloud, evaporate fluid, conjure greater elemental, summon wind, cyclone chariot, airball, air spiral, windwar

Missing elemental earth spells[]

Spells & Magic: Alamir's fundamental breakdown, Maximilian's stony grasp, conjure elemental-kin, turn pebble to boulder/turn boulder to pebble, distance distortion, glassee, hatch the stone from the egg, glassteel (spell)

Wizard's Spell Compendium Volume Four: Pit, stone sleep, stoneiron, elemental control, protection from elementals, 10' radius, repulse metal, Ballant's stonestrength, stone drill, Ballant's stonesplit, conjure greater elemental

Missing elemental fire spells[]

Spells & Magic: Fire burst, Alamir's fundamental breakdown, conjure elemental-kin, fire charm, proofing vs. combustion, Forest's fiery constrictor, Malec-Keth's flaming fist

Wizard's Spell Compendium Volume Four: Smokescreen, rainfire, enchanted torch, Mellix's fire mouth, protection from fire (alternate version), fire phantom, searing serpent, Zikalan fireform, elemental control, protection from elementals, 10' radius, fire aura, fire wake, sustain fire, Fallion's fabulous fireball, fire eyes, conjure greater elemental, incendiary entrapment, shooting stars, Avissar's flaming weapon

Missing elemental water spells[]

Spells & Magic: Metamorphose liquids, insatiable thirst, Alamir's fundamental breakdown, watery double, conjure elemental-kin, airy water, vile venom

Wizard's Spell Compendium Volume Four: Feather float, lasting breath, liquid orb, precipitation, Zala's icejacket, shark bolt, whispering tide, airbolt, ground fog, steam blast, control fluid, elemental control, protection from elementals, 10' radius, Otiluke's polar screen, water bomb,conjure greater elemental, deep delve, power word, liquify

Missing elemental wood (wu jen) spells[]

Wizard's Spell Compendium Volume Four, p. 1133: Polymorph other, Ironwood (Other wu jen elementals?)

Missing dimension spells[]

Dragon magazine 229: Demi-shadow magic, binding, Khazid's procurement, Lorloveim's shadowy transformation, estate transference, shadow form, dolor (spell), torment truename, liquid orb, shark bolt, stone sleep, searing serpent, steam blast, stone drill, flame chase, airball, deep delve, power word, liquefy, wind war, mask light, ethereal walk
Spells & Magic: Detect phase, displace self, distance distortion, dimensional blade
Wizard's Spell Compendium Volume Four: Warp sense, cache, Random's commodious pocket, phase shift, Drawmij's instant exit, Otiluke's radiant screen, question ball, Otiluke's diamond screen, Otiluke's excruciating screen, Alvira's stasis shell, Murlynd's void, teleport other, wall with no doors, planar door, Otiluke's death screen, translocation shift, mass teleport without error, Prismal's wormhole, teleport block, transport, estate transference, Tymessull's cerulean traverse

Missing chronomancy spells[]

Chronomancer: Delay image, detect temporal anomaly, lasting breath, slow metabolism, precognitive senseaccelerate plant growth, alacrity, alternate reality, life sounding, preserve, timeslipArticus's melee manager, life tether, minor paradox, time snareprophecy, temporal push, timeheal, Wesley's temporal disjunctionaccelerate animal growth, Articus's devolutionary warrior, create slipgate, temporal wallconceal temporal anomaly, magic manager, paradox, temporal eye, Wesley's delayed damageaccelerate lifeline, item supercharger, time reaver (timereaver - WSC) • major paradox, sever lifeline, temporal shell (not all may be Realms relevant, but compare Netheril: Empire of Magic (The Winds of Netheril) p. 13)
Wizard's Spell Compendium Volume Four: Slowspellslowspell, 10' radiusaccelerate metabolismtimed stasis, sands of time, Prismal's reversalprotection from time, afterclap

Missing shadow magic spells[]

Spells & Magic: Spectral hand, wall of gloom, Lorloveim's creeping shadow, blackmantle, Bloodstone's spectral steed, demishadow magic, Lorloveim's shadowy transformation, shadowcat, shadowform
Wizard's Spell Compendium Volume Four: Moonglow, blacksteel, tunnel vision, dancing shadows, shadow burst, darkning bolt, paralyzation, shadow blink, shadow cloak, create darkness, darksense, mailed might, shadow bolt, whisper blade, Argaster's cloak of shadows, shadow skeleton, conjure nightmare, shadow head, shadow play, Zala's deception, shadow speak, mass blindness, create shade (Necromancy) (not create shade)

Missing artifice spells[]

Spells & Magic: Leomund's trap, moon rune, bone club, snapping teeth, thunder staff, magic staff, arrow of bone, dimensional blade, steal enchantment, analyze dweomer
Wizard's Spell Compendium Volume Four: Farseer, protective amulet, sharpen, Otto's chime of release, compass, Odeen's magic tailor, unpickable lock, charge, Odeen's sounding stick, speed, farspeaker, unmask, Drenal's amok needles, Haelyn's bow, mystic rope, duplicate, electrical wards, Rastor's mystic spy, special effects, vision stone, Drawmij's tool box, Otto's drums of despair, Otto's tin soldiers, Tenser's staff of smiting, lapse, Odeen's impenetrable lock, Prismal's handy mirror, Prismal's pictograph, Drawmij's flying feat, motion, Otto's gong of isolation, question ball, glassee, recharge, Otiluke's orb of containment, spell mirror, capacitor, watchware, 30' radius, summon wind, hold golem, Otiluke's siege sphere, Janga's jewel, rebinding, Glassteel (spell), life force transfer, Avissar's flaming weapon, rising colossus, statue form, skycastle, Tymessull's cerulean traverse

Missing school of song spells[]

Spells & Magic: Taunt, forget, fireflow (spell), lesser geas, summon lycanthrope, Leomund's lamentable belaborment, monster summoning IV, charm plants, monster summoning V, spell shape, binding, monster summoning VII
Wizard's Spell Compendium Volume Four: Soothe the beast, Drawmij's light step, Otto's chime of release, nature call, pacify (witch) (not pacify), Drawmij's swift mount, Otto's soothing vibrations, Otto's tones of forgetfulness, echoes, mimicry, comfort, improved whispering wind, Otto's crystal rythms, Otto's sure-footed shuffle, calm (wizard) (not calm), Otto's drums of despair, Otto's silver tongue, Otto's tonal attack, Otto's warding tones, Otto's gong of isolation, brightsong, prepare enchantment, True name (spell), Lullaby (spell)

Missing wild magic spells (according to Spells & Magic)[]

Hornung's guesspatternweaveHornung's baneful deflectorNahal's nonsensical nullifieralternate realityfireflow (spell)fool's speechthere/not therevortexwaveformwildshieldwildstrikespell shapeHornung's random dispatcherwildzonestabilizewildfire (spell)wildwind

Missing incantation spells[]

Cult of the Dragon p. 125-126: Copy, Otto's chime of release, sense shifting Metamagic, alacrity Metamagic, augmentation I Metamagic, Drawmij's marvelous shield, far reaching I Metamagic, minor malison, dilation I Metamagic, far reaching II Metamagic, maladweomer, spelltouch Metamagic, far reaching III Metamagic, magic staff Metamagic, Rary's mind shield, augmentation II Metamagic, dilation II Metamagic, dispel possession, intensify summoning Metamagic, steal enchantment, Metamagic, stealspell, mystic shield, Allisandro's binding curse Metamagic, combine (arcane) Metamagic, disruption (spell), Sathrah's ingenious recollection Metamagic, unbinding

Missing southern magic spells[]

Old Empires: Target

Missing arcanist spells[]

(Inventors: p. 23: A - Mavin’s stone-flesh transmution, p. 24: Mavin’s stonewall - Undine's door, p. 25 Undine’s extra portal pocket - Z)

p. 121: Inventive Spells 2nd Jarm's Irritation/Irritation, Jarm's Spectral Hand/Spectral hand 5th Shan's Forcewall/Wall of Force, 6th Enchant an item, Lucke's 4th Monster Summons/Monster summoning IV, Shadow's Demimagic/Demishadow magic, 7th Lucke's 5th Monster Summons/Monster summoning V, 8th Proctiv's Steely Glass/Glassteel, Yang's Truss/Binding, 9th Lucke's 7th Monster Summons/Monster summoning VII, 10th Valdick's spheresail, 11th Mavin's worldweave/Worldweave

Mentalism 1st Dace's Taunting/Taunt p. 122: 2nd Keonid's Forgetfulness/Forget, Protection from cantras, 3rd Enollar's Delusion/Delude, Prug's Hold the Dead/Hold undead, 4th Fjord's Vacancy/Vacancy, Nalevac's Rainbow/Rainbow pattern, 5th Toscudlo's Advanced Illusion/Advanced illusion, Undine's Avoidance/Avoidance, 6th Enchant an item, Shadow's Demimagic/Demishadow magic, 7th Prug's Plant Control/Charm plant, 8th Kutson's Antipathy/Sympathy/Antipathy/Sympathy, Yong's Truss/Binding,

Variation p. 123: 3rd Enollar's Delusion/Delude, 4th: Fjord's Vacancy/Vacancy, Nalevac's Rainbow/Rainbow pattern, Nobrow's Charm/Fire charm, Quantoul's Manymorph/Massmorph, Quantoul's Othermorph/Polymorph other, 5th Fjord's Air Water/Airy Water, Fjord's Distortion/Distance distortion, Undine's Avoidance/Avoidance, 6th Aksa's Glassteel/Glassee, Enchant an Item, 8th Proctiv's Steely Glass/Glassteel

Missing spells that changed name from 2nd to 3rd edition[]

From Conversion Manual: Charm person or mammal -> Charm person or animal, Conjure elemental -> Summon monster V, Demi-shadow magic -> Greater shadow evocation, Hold undead -> Halt undead, Monster summoning IV -> Summon monster IV, Monster summoning V -> Summon monster V, Monster summoning VII -> Summon monster VII,

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