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Welcome to my home page! I am a Dungeons & Dragons 5e enthusiast and love to expand my knowledge about the different worlds of the D&D game. While the Dragonlance setting, Ravenloft setting and Greyhawk setting are cool, my absolute favorite is the Forgotten Realms setting and Toril (the physical planet of the FR)!

If you are brand new, explore the Wiki a bit before fully immersing yourself into editing. The Admin Team is very helpful and great and are willing to answer any question I had.

About Me[]

Erdan Darante is a young and hard-learn half-elf, originally from Halruaa. He was part of a band of adventurers who entered the Domains of Dread, primarily Barovia, were he fought Strahd von Zarovich in Castle Ravenloft.

The branches of a great Oak tree reach the skies, allowing any brave enough to scale its great truck, and see the wide rolling world. As an Oak tree, such also a giant Ash. But always when one climbs the highest branches are they finally revealed the beauty of the view, the peace of the highest branch, and the understanding of the world beyond.

As one climbs the caste system of the branches and leaves of a great Oak, glimpsing the enlightening view through the foliage, only when and when they reach the top do they find what they seek. Along the way they climb, they might fall and hurt (as bark and branches are not soft wool), but keep pulling themselves up to the top.
Such is the principal of the Council of Erdan.

— Quotes from Erdan Darante, The Formation of the Council: Book I

1487 DR

Join the Council[]

If you are reading this, then I have no idea how you got here because I am not an active Member at all (just coming to the Wiki once in a while). Anyway, after my adventures in the Curse of Strahd module I established the Council of Erdan.

Please click on this link to visit my Wiki. I will be more than surprised if anyone does.

To-do List:[]

  1. Find an article which is missing key information, fill it in!
  2. Create an new article if a link brings you to one (and only if the knowledge is applicable).
  3. Keep getting those edits in, as well as exploring the Wiki!

Future Projects include:

  1. Ch'gakare
  2. Strawbundle
  3. Staff of the Forgotten One
  4. bookmark
  5. Eye of Zaltec
  6. amulet of the black skull
  7. Scorpion Armor
  8. black opal crown
  9. navel of the moon
  10. Tales from the Gloaming Court
  11. Dark fey
  12. Domains of Dread (source book)
  13. The Book of Vile Darkness
  14. Peggy Deadbells
  15. Baggy Nanna
  16. Dark Powers
  17. Ravenloft Gazetteer Volume I
  18. And potentially all of the Ravenloft Gazetteers.

FR Novels to Read[]

Below is a list of my top 3 Forgotten realms Novels I want to read:

  1. Death Masks
  2. Murder in Halruaa
  3. Neverwinter Saga
  4. Companions Codex (Could not help it but this series is also very good from what I heard.)

Created Pages[]

Below is a list of some of the pages I have created: My created pages:

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Peggy Deadbells - Erdan the Ranger - 2022/05/22 13:32

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X the Mystic's Arcane Grimoire - Erdan the Ranger - 2022/04/10 20:47

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Sourcebooks checklist

Books that I own in PDF or Hardcopy (format credited to Hashimashadoo, first inspiration from Zeromaru X) are stricken from this list.

1st edition

Blood of the YakuzaBloodstone PassThe Bloodstone WarsThe City of Waterdeep Trail MapCity SystemDreams of the Red WizardsEmpires of the SandsForgotten Realms Campaign SetKara-Tur: The Eastern RealmsLords of DarknessMad Monkey vs the Dragon ClawThe MagisterThe Mines of BloodstoneMoonshaeNight of the Seven SwordsOchimo: The Spirit WarriorRuins of AdventureThe Savage FrontierThe Shattered StatueSwords of the DaimyoSwords of the Iron LegionThe Throne of BloodstoneUnder IllefarnWaterdeep and the North

2nd edition

The Accursed TowerAnaurochAurora's Whole Realms CatalogueBlack CourserBlood ChargeThe Bloodstone LandsBook of LairsCalimportCastle SpulzeerCities of MysteryCity of GoldThe City of Ravens BluffCity of SplendorsCloak & DaggerThe Code of the HarpersCormanthyr: Empire of the ElvesCormyrCult of the DragonCurse of the Azure BondsThe DalelandsDemihuman DeitiesDemihumans of the RealmsDesert of DesolationDoom of DaggerdaleDraconomiconDrizzt Do'Urden's Guide to the UnderdarkThe Drow of the UnderdarkThe Dungeon of DeathDwarves DeepElminster's EcologiesElminster's Ecologies Appendix IElminster's Ecologies Appendix IIEndless ArmiesElves of EvermeetEmpires of the Shining SeaFaiths & AvatarsThe Fall of Myth DrannorFires of ZatalFor Duty & DeityForgotten Realms AdventuresThe Forgotten Realms AtlasForgotten Realms Campaign Setting 2nd editionForgotten Realms Campaign Setting 2nd edition (revised)Forgotten Realms ConspectusFour from CormyrGateway to Ravens Bluff, the Living CityGiantcraftGold & GloryThe Great GlacierHall of HeroesHalls of the High KingHaunted Halls of EveningstarHellgate KeepHeroes' LorebookThe HordeHorde CampaignHordes of DragonspearHow the Mighty Are FallenInside Ravens Bluff, the Living CityForgotten Realms Interactive AtlasThe Jungles of ChultKara-Tur Trail MapKidnappedLands of IntrigueMarco Volo: ArrivalMarco Volo: DepartureMarco Volo: JourneyMazticaMenzoberranzanMonstrous Compendium Forgotten Realms Appendix (MC3)Monstrous Compendium Forgotten Realms Appendix (MC11)Monstrous Compendium Kara-Tur AppendixThe MoonseaNetheril: Empire of MagicNightmare KeepNightwatch in the Living CityNinja WarsThe NorthOld EmpiresPages from the MagesPirates of the Fallen StarsPlayer's Guide to the Forgotten Realms CampaignPool of Radiance: Attack on Myth DrannorPort of Ravens BluffPowers & PantheonsPrayers from the FaithfulThe Return of Randal MornRonin ChallengeRuins of AdventureThe Ruins of Myth DrannorThe Ruins of UndermountainThe Ruins of Undermountain II: The Deep LevelsRuins of Zhentil KeepSea of Fallen StarsThe Secret of SpiderhauntSecret PasswordSecrets of the MagisterThe Seven SistersShadowdaleThe Shining SouthSkullportSpellboundStorm RidersThe Sword of the DalesTantrasTest of the SamuraiUndermountain: Maddgoth's CastleUndermountain: StardockUndermountain: The Lost LevelThe Vilhon ReachVillains' LorebookVolo's Guide to All Things MagicalVolo's Guide to Baldur's Gate IIVolo's Guide to CormyrVolo's Guide to the DalelandsVolo's Guide to the NorthVolo's Guide to the Sword CoastVolo's Guide to WaterdeepWarriors and Priests of the RealmsWaterdeepWhat is the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting Anyway?Wizards and Rogues of the RealmsWyrmskull Throne

2nd edition Al-Qadim

A Dozen and One AdventuresArabian AdventuresAssassin MountainCaravansCities of BoneCity of DelightsThe Complete Sha'ir's HandbookCorsairs of the Great SeaGolden VoyagesLand of FateMonstrous Compendium Al-Qadim AppendixReunionRuined KingdomsSecrets of the Lamp

2nd edition Living City

Out for a Stroll

2nd edition Living Jungle

A Stitch in TimeAllies or Enemies?Along the River of Laughing IdolsCome the TigerThe Courage of a CowardThe Curse of Fire MountainDark Shadow over KuamuDark VillageDeath from AboveDeath from the MistsDreaming LakeFrom the Gods of Fire MountainFor Chief and TribeForgotten FatherThe Great HuntThe Golden ChildHuroola ProphetIf the Shu FitsInto the Valley of SpiritsLair of the HeadshrinkerLegacy of the HeadshrinkerLion!The Lost TempleLost Tribe of Fire MountainMama Needs Her New Pair of ShuMantu's SacrificeMasks of the Dohi-riMonkey CityThe Necromancer's StoneOnce BrokenOn the LookoutPlagueQuest for the Snake MotherThe Revenge of the ExileSearch for Blue HeronSearching for a FlowerSpirits of the LakeSharp Teeth, Mostly TastyShadows of ChangeShadows of EarthShadows of SinShip from the SkyShu Fly, Don't Bother MeThe SicknessThe Soulless ShuThe Sound of SilenceSpirit of AshTerror from BelowThunder LizardTo Catch a Feathered ShuTo Fight for a Tiger's HonorTrembling VillageUntil the End of the WorldVenomWarriors of the KatimayaWeb of Destruction

2nd edition Ravenloft Setting

Domains of DreadRealm of TerrorForbidden LoreCastle ForlornMasque of the Red Death and Other TalesRavenloft Campaign SettingThe Nightmare LandsBleak HouseRequiem: The Grim HarvestA Light in the BelfryDarklordsBook of CryptsVan Richten's Guide to VampiresIslands of TerrorVan Richten's Guide to GhostsVan Richten's Guide to the LichVan Richten's Guide to WerebeastsVan Richten's Guide to the CreatedVan Richten's Guide to the Ancient DeadVan Richten's Guide to FiendsChilling TalesVan Richten's Guide to the VistaniVan Richten's Monster Hunter's Compendium Volume OneVan Richten's Monster Hunter's Compendium Volume TwoVan Richten's Monster Hunter's Compendium Volume ThreeThe Gothic Earth GazetteerA Guide to TransylvaniaForged of DarknessChampions of the MistsCarnivalChildren of the Night: VampiresChildren of the Night: GhostsChildren of the Night: WerebeastsChildren of the Night: The CreatedMonstrous Compendium AppendixMonstrous Compednium Appendix II: Children of the NightMonstrous Compendium Appendices I & IIMonstrous Compendium Appendix III: Creatures of DarknessIntroduction to the Land of the MistsFeast of GoblynsShip of HorrorTouch of DeathRoots of EvilThe CreatedWeb of IllusionHouse of StrahdNight of the Walking DeadThoughts of DarknessFrom the ShadowsDark of the MoonAdam's WrathThe AwakeningHour of the KnifeHowls in the NightWhen Black Roses BloomCircle of DarknessThe Evil EyeNeither Man Nor BeastDeath UnchainedDeath AscendantThe Forgotten TerrorServants of DarknessThe Shadow RiftVecna RebornRavenloft

3rd edition

City of the Spider QueenFaiths and PantheonsForgotten Realms Campaign Setting 3rd editionInto the Dragon's LairLords of DarknessMagic of FaerûnMonster Compendium: Monsters of FaerûnPool of Radiance: Attack on Myth DrannorUnderdarkRaces of FaerûnSilver MarchesUnapproachable East

3rd edition Living Jungle

A Time for HeroesAn Army of One ThousandAnd the Spirits Cried Tears of BlackCome the LionCurse of the Lizard KingDark SunsDay of the SaruEat, Drink, and be MerryEngine of DestructionHerdInfectionIron WillIt Came from the SkyJungle BookLeavesLonely ChiefMadnessNight of the Dead ChiefsRecipe for DisasterSlithering HeightsSnake TimeSwarmTaboo TestTen Times the HeroThe Tournament of ThokkUnnatural Balance

3.5 edition

Anauroch: The Empire of ShadeChampions of RuinChampions of ValorCity of Splendors: WaterdeepCormyr: The Tearing of the WeaveDragons of FaerûnExpedition to UndermountainFall of FrostsilverUnderdarkGrand History of the RealmsLost Empires of FaerûnMysteries of the MoonseaPlayer's Guide to FaerûnPower of FaerûnSerpent KingdomsShadowdale: The Scouring of the LandShining SouthSons of GruumshThe Twilight TombUnderdark

3.5 edition Legacy of the Green Regent

Book KnowledgeCaravan to WaterdeepDark ExodusDenial of ResourceA Difference of OpinionDungeon of the HarkEpidemicExterminationFeast of the MoonGray HuntThe Howling of a Mighty StormHumilityIn Cold BloodInto the Fallen LandsKey to Phantoms' CloisterNative IntelligenceNurture and NatureRat's BastardThe Ruins of KarseAs Seconds Slip AwaySecret of Phantoms' CloisterTo Sever the Snake's HeadStrange BedfellowsTour of DutyThe Truth of HeartsTyrannyUnder High Lord's HallUndermountain

3.5 edition Ravenloft Setting

Ravenloft Campaign SettingRavenloft Campaign Setting (Limited Edition)Denizens of DarknessDungeon Master's GuidePlayer's HandbookDenizens of DreadMasque of the Red DeathSecrets of the Dread RealmsChampions of DarknessVan Richten's Arsenal Volume IVan Richten's Guide to the Walking DeadVan Richten's Guide to the Shadow FeyVan Richten's Guide to the Mists - PDF onlyHeroes of LightLegacy of the Blood: Great Families of the CoreDark Tales & Disturbing LegendsTarokka DeckGazetteer Volume IGazetteer Volume IIGazetteer Volume IIIGazetteer Volume IVGazetteer Volume V

4th edition

Council of SpidersEd Greenwood Presents Elminster's Forgotten RealmsThe Elder Elemental EyeEscape from SembiaForgotten Realms Campaign GuideForgotten Realms Player's GuideGates of NeverdeathHalaster's Lost ApprenticeHalls of UndermountainLegacy of the Crystal ShardLost Crown of NeverwinterMenzoberranzan: City of IntrigueMurder in Baldur's GateNeverwinter Campaign SettingScepter Tower of SpellgardSearch for the Diamond StaffStorm Over NeverwinterTalon of UmberleeTemple of the Sky GodVault of the DracolichWar of Everlasting DarknessWeb of the Spider Queen

5th edition

Baldur's Gate: Descent into AvernusCandlekeep MysteriesConfrontation at CandlekeepThe Border KingdomsCurse of StrahdDead in ThayGhosts of Dragonspear CastleHoard of the Dragon QueenIcewind Dale: Rime of the FrostmaidenLost Mine of PhandelverOut of the AbyssPrinces of the ApocalypseReclaiming BlingdenstoneReturn to the GloryRise of TiamatScourge of the Sword CoastStorm King's ThunderSword Coast Adventurer's GuideTales from the Yawning PortalThe Tortle Package: Tomb of Annihilation SupplementTomb of AnnihilationVolo's Guide to MonstersWaterdeep: Dragon HeistWaterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad MageXanathar's Guide to EverythingTasha's Cauldron of EverythingWild Beyond the Witchlight

5th edition Adventurers League

A City on the EdgeA Day at the RacesA Dish Best Served ColdA Lesson in LoveA Thousand Tiny DeathsA Walk in the ParkAssault on MaerimydraBad Business in ParnastBane of the TradewaysBeneath the Fetid ChelimberBlack Heart of VengeanceBlood Above, Blood BelowBoltsmelter's BookBounty in the BogBreath of the Yellow RoseCauldron of SapphireChelimber's DescentCity of DangerCloaks and ShadowsCloud Giant's BargainCorruption in KryptgardenCrypt of the Death GiantsDark Pyramid of Sorcerer's IsleDark Rites at Fort DaltonDeath on the WallDefiance in PhlanDrums in the MarshDrums of the DeadDues for the DeadDurlag's TombDurlag's TowerEmbers of ElmwoodEscape from PhlanEye of the TempestFester and BurnFire, Ash and RuinFlames of KythornForgotten TraditionsFoulness Beneath MulmasterGiant DiplomacyHarried in HillsfarHartkiller's HornHecatombHerald of the MoonHillsfar ReclaimedIn Dire NeedIn Search of SecretsIn Volo's WakeIt's All in the BloodJarl RisingLost Tales of Myth DrannorLost Temples of Lake LuoMayhem in the Earthspur MinesMulmaster UndoneNo Foolish MatterOld Bones and Older TomesOubliette of Fort IronOutlaws of the Iron RouteOver the EdgeParnast Under SiegePeril at the PortPool of Radiance ResurgentPools of CeruleanPutting the Dead to RestQuelling the HordeRaiders of the Twilight MarshReclamationReclamation of PhlanReeducationRelics of KundrukarReturn to White Plume MountainRotting RootsSecrets of Sokol KeepShackles of BloodShadows Over the MoonseaStreams of CrimsonSzith Morcane UnboundTales Trees TellThe Ark of the MountainsThe Black RoadThe Courting of FireThe Drowned TowerThe Eye of XxiphuThe Fathomless Depths of Ill IntentThe Howling VoidThe Iron BaronThe Malady of ElventreeThe Mysterious IsleThe Occupation of Szith MorcaneThe Quest for SporedomeThe Redemption of KelvanThe Scroll ThiefThe Sword of SelfarilThe WaydownThose That Came BeforeTreasures of the Broken HordeTurn Back the Endless NightTyranny in PhlanUninvited GuestsUnusual OppositionWhispers in the DarkWindow to the PastWinter's FlameWrithing in the Dark

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