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I have been playing D&D since Christmas eve, 1982, which equates to about 24 years, 212 days, 22 hours and 45 minutes at the time of this writing (taking into account a one hour time zone difference from where I started playing to where I am now).

I started playing in the Forgotten Realms with Dragon Magazine #124's Forgotten Realms map. Though in the beginning this consisted of "rolling up" a lich vampire wererat Fighter/Magic-User and drawing his kingdom's border around southern Sembia (though luckly, when the FR boxed set arrived , it said (or it may have said so in the magazine) that Sembia would be one of the areas where individual DMs could feel free develop their own campaigns).

I have a bachelors degree in History and Physics with a minor in English and though I am no grammar or spelling King, I will do my best here.

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