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Will be at San Diego Limited Edition Comic Con in November. See you on the other side!

Call me Frey! I played the original Neverwinter Nights game when I was around 11 years old and have been a major Forgotten Realms fan ever since.

My Forgotten Realms Wiki "To Do" list:

  • Create pages for every missing Waterdhavian House
    • Gauntyl DONE
    • Helmfast DONE
    • Hothemer DONE
    • Hunabar DONE
    • Ilzimmer DONE
    • Jhansczil
    • Lathkule
    • Nandar
    • Raventree
    • Stormweather
    • Thorp (family)
    • Thunderstaff
    • Zulpair
    • Former: Deepwinter (family)
    • Former: Gildeggh
    • Former: Zoar
  • Create pages for every missing Human ethnic group
    • Eraka
    • Tunlar
  • Cleanup and add content for Platinum DONE