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I consider myself an indefatigable writer and reader. I love to contribute to what I love, which includes the Forgotten Realms, a fantasy world of incomparable depth and richness. I respect Ed Greenwood, Elaine Cunningham, R.A. Salvatore, and the other fine authors who have served fans of the Realms for over twenty years, and hope to improve my own storytelling to join their ranks (if I'm ever so lucky).

My chief focus on FRWiki is fleshing out the prestige classes and write them in such a way as if from a story, not a rulebook. I will turn my attention to areas I find interesting (like Calimshan or Cormyr), but I realize that with every prestige class created and categorized, it will go a long way towards bringing the wiki to even higher standards.

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Core Books

Faiths and Pantheons
Ocular adeptSilverstarStormlordStrifeleaderSword dancerTechsmithWaveservantWearer of purpleWindwalker

Lords of Darkness
DarkmaskEntropistThayan knightZhentarim skymage

Lost Empires of Faerûn
Cultist of the Shattered PeakGlorious ServitorOlin Gisir

Magic of Faerûn
Guild wizard of WaterdeepHarper mageHarper priestmage-killermaster alchemistmystic wandererspelldancerspellfire channeler

Player's Guide to Faerûn
Master TransmogrifistNetherese arcanistSamuraiShadow Thief of AmnShaaryan HunterSpellguard of SilverymoonZhentarim Spy

Shining South
Crinti Shadow MarauderGreat Rift Deep DefenderHalruaan elderHalruaan Magehound Hand of the AdamaJordain VizierLuiren MarchwardenMaquar CrusaderScourge Maiden

Silver Marches
Giant-KillerHordebreakerKnight-Errant of SilverymoonOrc ScoutPeerless ArcherWild Scout

Unapproachable East
Black Flame ZealotMaster of the YuirwoodNentyar HunterRaumathari BattlemageShou DiscipleTalontar BlightlordTelflammar ShadowlordThayan Slaver

Supplemental Sourcebooks

Complete Adventurer
Animal LordBeastmasterBloodhoundDaggerspell MageDaggerspell ShaperDread PirateDungeon DelverExemplarFochlucan LyristGhost-Faced KillerHighland StalkerMaesterMaster of Many FormsNightsong EnforcerNightsong InfiltratorOllamShadowbane InquisitorShadowbane StalkerShadowmindSpymasterStreetfighterTempestThief-AcrobatVigilanteVirtuosoWild Plans Outrider

Complete Arcane
Acolyte of the SkinAlienistArgent SavantBlood MagusEffigy MasterElemental SavantEnlightened FistFatespinnerGeometerGreen Star AdeptInitiate of the Sevenfold VeilMage of the Arcane OrderMindbenderSeeker of the SongSublime ChordSuel ArcanamachWayfarer GuideWild Mage

Complete Champion
Fist of the ForestForest ReeveHolt WardenMythic ExemplarOrdained ChampionParagnostic ApostleParagnostic InitiateSanctified OneShadowspyShadowstrikerSquire of Legend

Complete Divine
BlighterChurch InquisitorConsecrated HarrierContemplativeDivine CrusaderDivine OracleEvangelistGeomancerHoly LiberatorHospitalerPious TemplarRadiant Servant of PelorRainbow ServantSacred ExorcistSacred FistSeeker of the Misty IsleShining Blade of HeironeousTemple Raider of OlidammaraUr-PriestVoid DiscipleWarpriest

Complete Mage
Abjurant ChamptionEldritch DiscipleEldritch TheurgeEnlightened SpiritHoly ScourgeLyric ThaumaturgeMaster SpecialistNightmare SpinnerUltimate MagusUnseen SeerWild Soul

Complete Psionic
Anarchic InitiateEbon SaintEctopic AdeptFlayerspawn PsychicIllumine SoulSoulbowStorm DiscipleZerth Cenobite

Complete Warrior
bear warriorcavalierdarkhunterdarkwood stalkerdervish exotic weapon mastereye of Gruumshfrenzied berserkergnome giant-slayerhalfling outriderhulking hurlerhunter of the deadinvisible bladejusticarkensaiknight of the Chaliceknight protectormaster throwermaster of the unseen handmindspynature's warrioroccult slayerOrder of the Bow initiaterage mageRavagerreaping maulerroninspellswordstonelordtattooed monkwar chanterwarshaper

Defenders of the Faith
Epic HospitalerHunter of the DeadKnight of the ChaliceKnight of the Middle CircleMaster of ShroudsTemplar

Bloodscaled FuryDispassionate Watcher of ChronepsisDracolyteDragon AscendantDragonkithDragonriderDragonslayerDragonsong LyristDragonstalkerElemental MasterHidecarved DragonInitiate of the Draconic MysteriesPlatinum KnightTalon of TiamatUnholy Ravager of Tiamat

Expanded Psionics Handbook
CerebremancerElocaterFist of ZuokenIllithid SlayerMetamindPsion UncarnatePyrokineticistThrallherdWar Mind

Masters of the Wild
Bane of InfidelsDeepwood SniperFoe HunterForsakerHexerKing/Queen of the WildOozemasterShifterTamer of BeastsWatch DetectiveWindrider

Oriental Adventures
Akodo ChampionBattle MaidenBayushi DeceiverBlade DancerDaidoji BodyguardEunuch WarlockHida DefenderHenshin MysticIaijutsu MasterKishi ChargerMaho-BujinMaho-TsukaiMantis MercenaryMirumoto Niten Master Moto AvengerNinja SpyShadow ScoutShapeshifterShiba ProtectorShintao MonkSingh RagerVoid DiscipleWitch HunterYakuza

Psionic Handbook

Savage Species
Emancipated SpawnIllithid SavantMaster of FliesScaled HorrorSirenSlaad BrooderSurvivorSybilWaveriderYuan-Ti Cultist

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