I'm an ex-entrepreneur that sold voice control technology to IoT manufactures.  We made money, I raised money and got crushed under the weight of the failed business model.  I still build software products from start to finish today.

I've been playing role-playing games since I was very little from MERP, Hero's Quest (board game), BattleTech, Twilight 2000 and D&D (Remember THACO..???).  I even created my own version of D&D with rolling system, when I was in high school and playing with my brother.  In senior year of high school I attempted to code my own monster manual in C++ using link-lists, unfortunately that didn't work.

After investing my life in my business and needed to close it up I found myself seeking to play D&D again.  I began playing at a place in northern NJ, and started DMing for family and friends.  For the campaign, I have literally drew a fully textured continent.  Created unique storyline for the world, for parts of the continent, diving in heavily around one region of the continent, the kingdom’s, the cities, forts, towns, villages, ruins, side quests and main quest line.  I must have close to 100 pages of written materials for story plot line.

I spent much time reading up the devil and demon feud, the dragons vs. giants and much more around the existing D&D world in order to incorporate the right parts into the world's storyline and in essence the campaign I'm writing.

I didn't want to be an expert in Balder's Gate and use someone else's world.  I wanted to write my own.  I'd like to find others that would like to write something new.  Tell a new story.

And so when you start writing a homebrew campaign you get into the typical issues, like making it fun, unique, captivating, what better gear is there and how to communicate this to the players. When making new equipment, items and gear as a DM you ask yourself, did the players like the options, is it too complicated and how can I make it better.

I have found a lot of material type holes in DnD around craftables, from potions which are all magically based, to poisons, tonics, blacksmithing gear & ammo according to material metals or wood, services at temples, a real use for a cartography stores and enchanted gear purchasing.  There is the concept of being renowned, but what does that really mean, how is it accumulated and what pros and cons does it really give the players when in a world of choosing an alignment of good, neutral and evil.

After finding these holes, I generated the materials.  I have created an entirely new concept of overdosing with cheaper tonics to become poisoned or relieving being poisoned.  Much thanks to the predecessors of trying to make poison lists.  I created concept of item availability at a store based on a rating system that is cross-referenced to being renowned as a party ranking system.  The party ranking system can be positive or negative base on area's being opposing or not.  Its basically makes you pick sides in an area.  Not every good kingdom likes each other and evilish communities can work together with communities that are considered neutral municipalities.

I join fandom to try and steer things for my campaign that I look to release and publish one day.  I know not, if I will get there or even close to it, but I hope I will help others while I try.

Thank list for different poisons:  Sorry, the links wouldn't let me post.

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