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Personal Informations Edit

Hi adventurers. I have started playing D&D in March 2000 as player, my big brother was the DM and we were playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

I decided to become a contributor in June 2016. I have been playing D&D 5e as Dungeon Master since January 2016 together with my good old friends. FR Wikia has been really helping me in creating adventures and personalizing campaigns settled in Forgotten Realms.

My personal aim is to increase the amount of information on FR Wikia in order to concurrently support my D&D campaigns and of course assist our talented administrators.

Thanks for reading these few lines, good luck finding what you need in these realms and in your lives.

Current Projects Edit

***UPDATE***: September 2016. My apologize zealous sages, i've been very very busy at work, i started a new job from scratch and i had some very tough months... now i'm still busy but maybe during weekends i might start once again my study of Faerun. Good luck my dear sages and to you too, my dear hungry readers..

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