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About meEdit

As usual, a friend was reading himself The Crystal Shard and talking about it I got intrigued. Having already played Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn (game), I felt quite familiar with the world of the book. Right away, I borrowed Homeland from another friend of mine, so as to read it first and start the FR novels with the appropriate chronological order. Dark Elf Trilogy was an amazing read.

Currently readingEdit

- (I have paused reading The Lone Drow for a second time in a row...)

Favorite FR charactersEdit

The top 4 pages I've contributed toEdit

Forgotten Realms WikiEdit


  • Minor edits.
  • Help others.
  • Assist in re-organizing efforts.
FR wikia's bot under my supervision Stone golem Stone Golem Bot


Long-term Tasks

  1. Work on my Laboratory Projects with my servant StoneGolemBot (I will also make sure it does its household duties).
  2. Add the Realms' Year in as many books as possible, but precisely.
  3. Create a better, friendlier environment for new editors. This can be done by creating many more Templates for Userboxes (countries, genres of music, maybe try out "achievements" according to FR books or games, heroes, monster, places, etc.), create a guide on how to add them and in general personalize your page or blogs and maybe contribute with the other editors-admins to a general guide/s for editors.
Mid-term Tasks
Status (Specific Progress - Note)
1. Create more FR typos and make previous better. In progress... Right now 78 in total. Making previous work properly, and having learnt positive/lookahead and lookbehind greatly helps in that.
2. Create a pagelist containing ALL pages (Main and special ones) and Files for bot to work on. In progress... With special pages, after the dump files, a 56.000 !!! pagelist was created !!! Previous was just 34.500!!!
3. Create user page templates, userboxes, categories for them and update - clarify previous. In progress... Refreshed Help section for them, Category:User page templates, Category:Userbox templates, Created user skill template, 4 Userbox categories, 40 userboxes (16 R Countries, 1 wikia bot, 2 FRstars, 13 FR deities, 4 FR places, 4 FR Games).
4. Create FR Wikia AWD Typos Page In progress... (Testing)
5. To be announced...

Archived Previous Tasks

1. Create a bot to help with great scale changes. Done!
2. Create a medium pack of most used Forgotten Realms names typos in RegEx. Done!
41 Names
3. Create a 2nd FR names typos pack, with names indicated by community. Done!
37 Names
4. Create an ignore-pagelist, containing pages that must be skipped from search when using Bot. Done!
5. Requested an update to the database dump via Special:Statistics. Done!
Previous database was from "2013-12-25 19:40:18". Request for database dump sent
I asked it in 06/09/2015 and was made in "2015-09-09 21:01:09"

Creating Userboxes Managing a bot Going "stealthy"
300 / 1000
900 / 1000

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