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Sword Play Locations in Northwest Faerûn

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Favorite FR places: Sword Coast North,
Northwest Faerûn
Favorite FR novels: The Sellswords,
Dark Elf trilogy,
Legacy of the Drow,
Paths of Darkness

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Locations on the Delimbiyr Route that are Settlements:

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  • û (or %C3%BB in urls)
  • |
  • ~
  • faerun → faerûn
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  • Almost Done!
  • In progress...
  • Active
  • Announced...
  • To be planned...

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  • Red: d04f10,
  • Orange: e07813, d06f10, darkorange, CC7000, DarkGoldenRod,
  • Grey: a3b1bf,
  • White: PapayaWhip (PapayaWhip FFEFD5), lighter 2tones=FFF2DD (FFF2DD), FFEDD9 (FFEDD9)
  • Brown: SaddleBrown, sienna, peru, FFF2DD (FFF2DD), F7E5C2 (F7E5C2), FFE7C9 (FFE7C9), C19A6B (Used in main background)
  • For colour names: w3schools/colornames

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