HI, my name here will be Lashrael, one of those spirits who met Cavatina when she went to her 'heavenly home', in Arvandor.

I love the Forgetten Realms, and have played, read, and seen many of its items, characters, and regions through books, games, and other items that have been developed. I do not feel that I know everything about these realms, but I do have a number books, and knowledge, memories of all this. Again, I love these realms the best, and my favorite characters have been the drow, with Liriel Baenre being my most favorite. I have a lot of the other books about Water Deep, Baldur's Gate, and other areas of the Faerûn. I also had a lot of the computer games that dealt with these realms...starting with the Pool of Radiance, Hillsfar, and so forth. I also have tried to keep up-to-date with the games as time has marched on.

My promise is to always try my level best, and I will start with the drow. Again, I will research all that I have, then write down the facts, and information here for others to use.

Lashrael 15:12, May 4, 2010 (UTC)

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