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Lhynard (pronounced: /hlɪˈnɑːrdhli-NARD) is a human male "expert", something of a want-to-be Renaissance man; his interests are numerous and eclectic. Formally, he has a Ph.D. in bioorganic chemistry. Informally, he has studied/tinkered in multiple (mostly, "dead") languages and (mostly, modern) philosophies. He has created worlds with conlangs, histories, and epic poems. He has a thorough understanding of English grammar and is somewhat obsessed with correct typography. Outside of intellectual endeavors, he loves music (Who doesn't?) and outdoor activities—especially backpacking. He is a professor at a liberal arts university teaching general, organic, and biochemistry. His research involves writing computer software to model carbohydrate structures and post-translational modifications.

As far as D&D, Lhynard DMs a Forgotten Realms campaign, using version 3.5, with his former coworkers and brother about twice a month. They've been playing since January of 2013. The tale began in Calimshan, and the players have been to Tethyr and Chult, as a miscellany of happenings have led them to a mysterious island in pursuit of an enigmatic individual known as Samber. The first part of the massive campaign ended with Samber exiling them to the Great Glacier. Then, in Part II, they struggled to find their way back to civilization and, through a series of portals, had become entangled in the affairs of the Shadovar, the Ice Queen Iyraclea, and giants. They recently stumbled upon a preserved Netherese spelljammer. In Part III, they have followed a lead to the Rock of Bral, which provided them with a second lead on the planet Coliar. (You can read about their adventures here—Imago Deorum—here—De Exilio—and here—Per Multiversum.)

Lhynard has also DMed what was intended to be a one-shot campaign for his brother's bachelor party but which will be evolving into something a bit larger. This tale has some cameo appearances from the Samber trilogy of campaigns but is properly a v.3.5 Planescape adventure. An artifact from Jeriah Chronos brought characters from different times first to Sigil and then to the Outlands where they were recruited by a shard to infiltrate a Netherese ruin in Ascore by means of the Plane of Shadow. (You can read about their adventures here—In Absentia Lucis.)

Most of Lhynard's new articles and edits regard the (canon) individuals and places of the lands in his campaigns, but he also has a long list of broader projects as well, many dealing with issues of verisimilitude of the Realms.

Lhynard has also played the Baldur's Gate series and Neverwinter Nights. He has started Pool of Radiance on an NES emulator. He also owns Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, but it's not very good, and is playing through Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspace purely to grab more information about Realmspace for the wiki.

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Spells in Space Projectnot started
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NPC Projectnot started
Disambiguated Berserker and added Berserker (NPC).
Ages of Calimshannot started
Saints of Ilmaternot started
Genasi Restorationnot started
DM's Helperon hold
Canon Conflict Resolutionsnot started
Gathering a list of conflicts.
El Pesarkhal Projecton hold
Created first draft of el Pesarkhal family tree.
In Absentia Lucison hold
Wrote first 3 recap chapters with links.
Created 3 new articles.
Per Multiversumin progress…
Ready to start summarizing/indexing personal character preludes before Chapter 1.
Celestial Restorationin progress…
Started on the guardinal paragons
Created {{Talisid and the Five Companions}}
Streets of Silverymoon Projectin progress…
Completed 6 of 14 streets.
Photo Sorting Projectin progress…
Working through images of humanoids: complete through G (~ Lhynard (talk))
Second pass through Category:Maps after category rename. Complete through O… (—Moviesign (talk))
A Giant Familyin progress…
Expanded Ottar.
Indexing Projectin progress…
Indexed Obsidian Ridge, chapter 2.
Indexed War in Tethyr, chapter 1.
Indexed Blackstaff, chapter 1.
Indexed Star of Cursrah, chapter 4.
Indexed The Maelstrom's Eye, chapter 1.
Indexed The Radiant Dragon, chapter 1.
Indexed Into the Void, chapter 7.
Indexed The Titan of Twilight, chapter 4.
Indexed Mistress of the Night, chapter 1.
Geography of the Lands of Intriguein progress…
Working through bodies of water articles for Calimshan.
Colors of the Godsin progress…
Complete through G.
Updated {{Deity}}.
Linguistic Projectin progress…
Upadated Noga article.
Family Tree Projectin progress…
Created family tree for House Moonflower.
Wanted Articlesin progress…
Good Articlesin progress…
Tagging good articles among long pages (75/1000).
Spell Invention Projectin progress…
Cataloged all of Valdick's spells
Say What?in progress…
Adding singular and/or plural forms from Monster Manual v.3.5: complete through A
Adding audio for pronunciations from Dragon #93: complete through C
Created {{Variant}}.
Ethnicity Projectin progress…
Working through ethnicities of Faerûn proper: complete through A.
Sexual Polymorphismin progress…
Updating standard FR PC races: complete through Elves.
Line of Succession Projectin progress…
Created all articles for the members of the Drakhon Dynasty.
Created all articles for the dynasties of the Third Age of Calimshan.
Creature Infobox and Categorization Updatesin progress…
Modified {{Creature}} to include an intelligence field.
Name that tuning forkin progress…
Finally finished updating Krigala.
Chapbook Projectin progress…
Expanded article with details for "Tree of Wailing Souls"
Lhynard Book of Torilian Recordsin progress…
Bodies of Water Projectdone!
Shoon't Have Done Thatdone!
Games Within the Gamein progress…
Added quist.
Ssscaled Onesdone!
Roads Projectdone!
Imago Deorumdone!
De Exiliodone!
Mountains Projectdone!
Group Video ProjectAbandoned

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