To update all creature pages to include edition tabs in their infoboxes and to have all such infoboxes auto-populate edition-specific categories.


in progress…


{{Creature}} now automatically colors infoboxes.
Pass-through templates based on 4e origin removed.
Modified {{Alignment grid}} to automatically populate alignment categories.
Ensured that all creature articles are using the alignment grid properly.
Modified {{Creature}} to include a movement field.
Updated the movement mode for all creatures in Monster Manual v.3.5.
Removed all deprecated fields from the wiki.
Fixed auto-population of monstrous humanoids to include humanoids.
Updating all infoboxes with 3e stats for magical beasts; complete through P.
Created Template:Size table.
Replaced all appropriate tables with {{Size table}}.
Replaced all appropriate tables with {{CR table}}.
Removed all uses of deprecated fields.
Ensured that all 4e stats fields had valid entries.
Modified {{Creature}} to auto-populate 4e creature origin categories.
Created Template:CR table.

To DoEdit

  • Update all infoboxes with 3e stats. — in progress…
  • Update all infoboxes with 1e stats.
  • Update all infoboxes with 2e stats.
  • Update all infoboxes with 4e stats.
  • Update all infoboxes with 5e stats.
  • Modify {{Creature}} to include:
    • movement field. — done!
    • diet field. — done!
    • activity cycle field. — done!
    • intelligence field.
    • size fields. — done!
    • organization field.
  • Modify {{Creature}} to auto-populate 4e creature origin categories. — done!
  • Modify {{Creature}} to auto-populate 3e creature type categories. — done!
  • Modify {{Creature}} to auto-populate 4e creature type categories. — done!
  • Modify {{Creature}} to auto-populate 5e creature type categories. — done!
  • Modify {{Creature}} to auto-populate 3e creature subtype categories. — done!
  • Modify {{Creature}} to auto-populate 4e creature keyword categories. — done!
  • Modify {{Creature}} to auto-populate 5e creature tag categories. — done!
  • Fix Elemental vs. Elemental creature issue (compare to Plant creature.
  • Update all climate and terrain fields.
  • Modify {{Creature}} to auto-populate monster size categories. — done!
    • Handle size cases involving ranges. — in progress…
    • Handle size cases involving tables. — done!
  • Modify {{Creature}} to auto-populate monster CR categories. — done!
    • Handle CR cases involving tables. — done!
  • Replace CR categories with CR categories per edition. — done!
  • Merge monster type articles into category pages.
  • Add artwork from 1e.
  • Add artwork from 2e.
  • Add artwork from 3e.
  • Add artwork from 4e.
  • Add artwork from 5e.
  • Remove all deprecated fields from {{Creature}}. — done!
    • origin1done!
    • origin2done!
    • origin3done!
    • origin5done!
    • type1done!
    • type2done!
    • subtype1done!
    • subtype2done!
    • typedone!
    • subtypedone!
    • alignmentdone!
    • challengedone!
    • sourcedone!
    • pagedone!
  • Sort auto-populated categories in {{Creature}}.
  • Fix auto-population of monstrous humanoids to include humanoids. — done!




Article 1e 2e 3e 4e 5e
Uchuulon Large
Uglib Medium
Ulitharid Large Large Large
Ultroloth Medium Medium Medium Medium
Uluu Thalongh
Umber hulk
Standard Large
Truly horrid Huge
Undying Temple Colossal
Unicorn Large Large Large
Ur-histachii Medium
Urd Small Small
Urdunnir Medium
Uridezu Medium Medium
Urophion Large
Uropygus Large Large Large
Ursinal Large
Ustilagor Diminutive Small
Utahraptor Large
Uthraki Medium Large
Utoyasukata Small
Uvuudaum Large
Uwil Medium Medium
Vampire Medium Medium Medium Medium
Vampire spawn Medium Medium Medium
Vampiric dragon
Vampiric illithid Medium
Vampiric mist Medium Medium Medium Medium
Vampiric wolf Small
Vargouille Small Small Small Tiny
Varrangoin Medium
Varrdig Medium Medium or Large Medium
Vasuthant Small to Colossal
Vegepygmy Small Small to medium Small Small
Velociraptor Tiny
Velsharess Orbb
Venom ooze Large
Verbeeg Large Medium
Verdan Small to Medium
Verdant prince Medium
Veserab Large
Vhaerath Medium
Vilstrak Medium
Violet fungus Small to Medium Medium Medium Medium
Tiny Tiny
Small Small
Medium Medium
Large Large
Huge Huge
Swarm Diminutive
Viper tree Huge
Visage Medium Medium
Vishap Huge
Vizier's turban
Voadkyn Large
Vodyanoi Large Large
Volodni Medium
Voor Large
Vorr Medium
Vortex spider Large
Vrock Large Large Large Large Large
Vulture Medium Small Medium
Vulture drake Large
Vurgens Huge
Walking Statues of Waterdeep Gargantuan Gargantuan
War devil Huge Large
War dog Medium Medium
Warden archon Large Large Large
Warforged Medium Medium Medium
Warmonger genie Medium
Wastrilith Large Huge Large
Water elemental Large
Small Small
Medium Medium
Large Large
Huge Huge
Greater Huge
Elder Huge
Water genasi Medium Medium
Water mephit Medium Small Small
Water naga Medium Large
Water weird Large Large Large Large
Weasel Tiny Tiny
Wedon Medium Medium
Wemic Large Large Large
Werebadger Small
Werebat Medium Small
Werebear Large Large Medium
Werebison Large
Wereboar Large Medium Large Medium
Werecrocodile Large
Werefox Medium
Werehyena Medium
Werejaguar Medium
Wereleopard Medium
Werelion Large
Lion form Large
Human form Medium
Werepanther Medium
Wererat Small to medium Small to medium Medium Medium
Wereraven Medium Medium
Wereserpent Medium Medium
Wereshark Large
Shark form Large
Human form Medium
Shark form Large
Human form Medium
Weretiger Large Medium to large Large Medium
Werewolf Medium Medium Medium Medium
Whale Huge to gargantuan Gargantuan
Whipsnake Medium
Whisper demon Medium
White abishai Medium Medium Medium
White dragon Large Huge
Wyrmling Tiny
Very young Small
Young Medium
Juvenile Medium
Young adult Large
Adult Large
Mature adult Huge
Old Huge
Very old Huge
Ancient Huge
Wyrm Gargantuan
Great wyrm Gargantuan
Wyrmling Medium
Young Large
Adult Huge
Ancient Gargantuan
White pudding Small to Large Small to Large Large
White slaad Large
Whiteshield (pony) Medium
Whitespawn hordeling Small
Whitespawn hunter Medium
Whitespawn iceskidder Large
Wight Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium
Wild dwarf Small Small
Wild elf Medium
Wild halfling
Will-o'-wisp Small Small Tiny
Wind walker
Winemaker genie Medium
Winged serpent Large
Wingless wonder Small Small
Winter wolf Large Large Medium Large
Winterling Small
Witherling Small Medium
Wizard lice
Wizshade Medium
Wolf Medium Medium Medium
Wolfwere Medium Medium
Wolverine Small Small Medium
Wood element creature
Wood elf Medium
Wood woad Medium
Wood wose Medium
Word archon Medium
Worg Medium Medium Medium Large Large
Worghest Medium
Wraith Medium Medium
Dread Large
Medium Medium
Wraith spider
Wyvern Gargantuan Large Large Large
Xengahra Large
Xerfilstyx Large
Xill Medium Medium Medium Medium
Xorn Medium
Minor Small
Average Medium
Elder Large
Xvart Small Small Small Small Small
Yagnoloth Large Large Large Large Large
Yak Large Large
Yak folk Large Large Large
Yau-mor Large
Yellow Finned Oponi
Yellow dragon Gargantuan
Yellow musk creeper Large Large Huge Medium
Yeth hound Large Medium Medium Large
Yeti Large Large
Yochlol Medium
Natural form Medium
Spider form Large
Medium Medium Medium
Yu lung Huge
Yuan-ti Medium
Yuan-ti abomination Medium Medium to Large Large Large Large
Yuan-ti anathema Huge Huge Huge
Yuan-ti broodguard Medium Medium Medium Medium
Yuan-ti halfblood Medium Medium
Yuan-ti mind whisperer Medium
Yuan-ti pit master Medium
Yuan-ti pureblood Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium
Yuki-on-na Medium Medium Medium
Yurian Medium to large Medium to large Medium to large Medium
Zairtail Small
Zakharan kraken Gargantuan
Zakharan ogre Large
Zakharan roc
Zar'ithra Medium
Zaratan Gargantuan Gargantuan
Zekyl Medium
Zerth Medium Medium Medium
Zin Medium
Zombie Medium Medium Medium Medium
Zorbo Small Small

4e StatsEdit

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