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Mendahu (real name: Jake) has been an avid Forgotten Realms fan since the release of 3rd edition Dungeons and Dragons, and has written and refereed campaigns set on the Sword Coast, the Cold Lands, Sembia, Cormanthor and Cormyr. He lives with his wife and two cats in St. Catharines, Ontario.

What I'm Working OnEdit

I'm currently collecting notes about the old Elven Empire of Cormanthyr and putting them on the Wiki to help with a new campaign I am running, called Legacies of Cormanthyr. I'd like to one day work on expanding this wiki's Netheril information, but that's neither here nor there. I intend on fleshing out some of the Cold Lands stuff as well. Here's some of my major contributions:

Written Rewritten
Coronal Cormanthyr
Josidiah Starym Irithyl
History of Cormanthyr Starym
Elfblade Semberholme
Warblade Tangled Trees
Artblade Elven Court
Rulers' Blade Akh'Faer
Kahvoerm Irithyl Eltargrim Irithyl
Sakrattars Irithyl Cormanthor
Sinaht Irithyl Myth Drannor
Miirphys Irithyl
Tannivh Irithyl
Divisav Irithyl
Taleisin Starym
Ysmyrl'da Starym
Ildilyntra Starym

I welcome any criticism or requests!

To DoEdit

The following is my to do list for personal use. The following articles should be rewritten or cleaned up or fleshed out.

Akh'Velahr Trio Nefarious
Semberholme (still need to source with Grand History of the Realms) Elven Court (still need to write up the old city, source with Lost Empires and Grand History)
Vale of Lost Voices Weeping War
Myth Drannor (still need to flesh out the site)

Create the following articles

Aravae Irithyl Art Tower
War Tower Army of Darkness
Standing Stone Council of Twelve
Semberholme (city) Moonshadows
Aluianti Ferrengrove
Moonrise Hill Tsornyl
Bristar Council of Trees
Castle Cormanthor Rule Tower
Arcorar Uldreiyn Starym
Seldanna Starym Black Lotus
The Scourge
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