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Current Projects[]

Note that nothing is ever completely finished...

  1. Pole armdone!
  2. Category:Gemsdone!
  3. Category:Shellsdone, but needs infoboxes
  4. Category:Hardstonesdone!
  5. Category:Weaponsdone, except for a few exotics I think
  6. Great Wheel cosmologydone!
  7. The 17 Outer Planes from the Great Wheel model — done!
  8. The 6 Inner Planes from the Great Wheel model — done!
  9. The Astral Plane, Ethereal Plane, and Plane of Shadowdone!
  10. Planar traitsdone!
  11. World Tree cosmologydone!
  12. The 26 Outer Planes from the World Tree model — in progress... (10/26)
  13. Reorganizing and rewritting Mystryl, Mystra (Midnight), and Mystraabandoned... (1.5/3)
  14. Input the spells from Forgotten Realms Adventuresdone! (81/81)
  15. The previous project turned into a retooling of the {{Spell}} template so it could handle multiple editions. {{Prayer}} and others like it may become pass-throughs to Spell. — done! (6/6)
  16. A new version of the {{class table}} template that automatically generates the categories for each class listed in the table. — done!
  17. Make a sphere page and related template to display the 2nd edition priest spell spheres. — done!
  18. Populate the {{Spheres of influence}} with spells. — in progress... (18/24)
  19. Retool the {{Deity}} template to handle multiple editions. — done!
  20. A {{spell table}} template that works like {{class table}}, automatically generating the categories for each class/level listed in the table. — done!
  21. Put the new {{spell table}} to work. — done!
  22. Put the new {{Deity}} template to work. — in progress... (about 28 to go, thanks to User:Sirwhiteout)
  23. Redo the Waukeen page. — done!
  24. Update Category:Gems and Category:Hardstones with info from Volo's Guide to All Things Magical. — done! (20/20 pages)
  25. Create a Gregorian date to Forgotten Realms date converter. — done!
  26. Create a Holy Days template to list facts about a given date in the Calendar of Harptos. — done!
  27. Make a calendar page that shows the output of the Holy Days template for the entire year. — in progress...
  28. Make a formatting template that can present the FR date in various ways. — done!
  29. Create an On This Day template to replace the Holy Days template using DPL. Break out the factoids into one file per day and add citations. — done!
  30. Make a DPL template to intersect two categories. — done!
  31. Populate the Category:Calendar dates with events from history where a specific date is known. — done!
  32. Templates to support BadCatMan's {{Featured image}} rotation idea. — done!
  33. Citadel of Black Ashdone!
  34. Populating {{Featured image}} and cleaning up the image library somewhat. — in progress...
  35. Eshpurtadone!
  36. Heralds of Faerûndone!
  37. Updating the Category:Infoboxes with a tabbed interface, if needed. — done! including Creature, see below.
  38. Putting the {{Class table}} to work wherever it can generate categories. Organize said categories. — done!
  39. Reorganizing all the {{Cite dragon}} and {{Cite dungeon}} templates to the new format. — done!
  40. Clean up the list of pages using in-line Dragon citations by creating templates for them. — done!
  41. Update the {{Creature}} template so Type/Alignment/Origin and any other edition-specific terms are put in an edition section or tab. — done!
  42. Combine, fuse, or correlate {{Location}} and {{State}}. — done!
  43. Write the documentation for {{Split table}}. — done!
  44. Tighten up the {{Currency table}} so it takes up less vertical space. — done!
  45. Templates for the Book page layout to make creating an index relatively painless without cluttering an article with many citations from the same source. — done!
  46. Expand Blood of Morueme from the request queue. — done!
  47. Add maps to Category:Locations in Faerûn as needed. — in progress...
  48. Reduce Category:Articles lacking sources from 600 on 2015-06-26. — in progress... (last count: 47, a group effort)
  49. Convert our infoboxes to the new portable infoboxes. — done! (24/24)
  50. Give Monobook users some way to get to the File: page of an image inside a portable infobox. — done!
  51. Add ship info from Pirates of the Fallen Stars to new or existing pages. — done! (10/10)
  52. Add the missing spells from Pirates of the Fallen Stars. — done! (15/15)
  53. Work on the Photo Sorting project, specifically Maps. — in progress... (Done through O)
  54. Cathedral of Emerald Scalesdone!
  55. The Qysari Ringsdone! (12/12)
  56. Deity-specific spells: Aerdrie Faenya(6), Akadi(3), Arvoreen(2), Auril(16), Bane(5), Bhaal(1), Chauntea(5), Cyric(7), Eldath(11), Leira(3), Lliira(3), Malar(1), Red Knight(4), Rillifane Rallathil(1), Silvanus(1), Umberlee(5), Waukeen(6) — in progress...
  57. Fungi of the Underdark from Out of the Abyssdone! (13/13)
  58. Candle magicdone! (10/10)
  59. Create Mystic and add it to all the spells in the {{Spheres of influence}} to which it is entitled. — done!
  60. Voonlar, its people, its locations, its food & drink, and the Battle at the Bar. — done!
  61. Indexing Storm King's Thunderdone! thanks to ISUBurd (256/256)
  62. Update the {{Cite web}} template to fix errors, more standard format. — in progress...finish documentation
  63. Delzimmer, its people, its locations, its food & drink, and its rulers. — done!
  64. Export our Citation templates and Infoboxes for use on the Candlekeep Wiki. — done!
  65. The Forest of Amtardone!
  66. Khôltar, its people, its locations, its food & drink, and its rulers. — done!
  67. Create articles for things found in Elminster's Guide to the Realmsdone! (23/23)
  68. Create citation templates and redirects so that FAQ's, Errata, and WE's appear in auto-suggest. — done!
  69. Acquire or scan all maps of Waterdeep and splice together if necessary to make complete maps that can be excerpted. TODO: Waterdeep and the North, Volo's Guide to Waterdeep, City System, City of Splendors (boxed set), City of Splendors: Waterdeep, Lords of Waterdeep (board game), Waterdeep: Dragon Heist
  70. Add all the spells and domains from Dragon #355 "Seven Saintly Domains" — done! (7/7)
  71. Redesign the {{Canon}} template to be more compact and more in the style of the wiki. — done!
  72. Create articles for things found in The New Adventures of Volodone! (16/16)
  73. Templates to support Sirwhiteout's Selûne phase calculator. — in progress...finish documentation
  74. Scan and splice together my poster-sized maps to support Project #47. Progress so far: FRCS2eR-Western Heartlands, The Horde-Hordelands, The Horde-Semphar, The North-High Forest, Lands of Intrigue (boxed set)-Map 2/4, The Vilhon Reach, Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus-map of Elturelin progress…
  75. Refactor the {{Climate}} template to modern web standards. — done!
  76. Document or replace images of gems that are in Category:Images with unknown source or Category:Images with unknown copyright status. — in progress… (129/151)
  77. Rescue as many images from the wallpaper gallery and book-related galleries as I can find and upload them to the wiki. in progress… (230 so far)
  78. Add all cantrips from 1st edition. done! (83/83)
  79. Colorize all the coats-of-arms from the Nobility of Waterdeep. in progress… (67/78)

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