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Current Projects[]

Note that nothing is ever completely finished...

  1. Pole armdone!
  2. Category:Gemsdone!
  3. Category:Shellsdone, but needs infoboxes
  4. Category:Hardstonesdone!
  5. Category:Weaponsdone, except for a few exotics I think
  6. Great Wheel cosmologydone!
  7. The 17 Outer Planes from the Great Wheel model — done!
  8. The 6 Inner Planes from the Great Wheel model — done!
  9. The Astral Plane, Ethereal Plane, and Plane of Shadowdone!
  10. Planar traitsdone!
  11. World Tree cosmologydone!
  12. The 26 Outer Planes from the World Tree model — in progress... (10/26)
  13. Reorganizing and rewritting Mystryl, Mystra (Midnight), and Mystraabandoned... (1.5/3)
  14. Input the spells from Forgotten Realms Adventuresdone! (81/81)
  15. The previous project turned into a retooling of the {{Spell}} template so it could handle multiple editions. {{Prayer}} and others like it may become pass-throughs to Spell. — done! (6/6)
  16. A new version of the {{class table}} template that automatically generates the categories for each class listed in the table. — done!
  17. Make a sphere page and related template to display the 2nd edition priest spell spheres. — done!
  18. Populate the {{Spheres of influence}} with spells. — done! (28/28) with help from User:Possessed Priest.
  19. Retool the {{Deity}} template to handle multiple editions. — done!
  20. A {{spell table}} template that works like {{class table}}, automatically generating the categories for each class/level listed in the table. — done!
  21. Put the new {{spell table}} to work. — done!
  22. Put the new {{Deity}} template to work. — in progress... (about 28 to go, thanks to User:Sirwhiteout)
  23. Redo the Waukeen page. — done!
  24. Update Category:Gems and Category:Hardstones with info from Volo's Guide to All Things Magical. — done! (20/20 pages)
  25. Create a Gregorian date to Forgotten Realms date converter. — done!
  26. Create a Holy Days template to list facts about a given date in the Calendar of Harptos. — done!
  27. Make a calendar page that shows the output of the Holy Days template for the entire year. — in progress...
  28. Make a formatting template that can present the FR date in various ways. — done!
  29. Create an On This Day template to replace the Holy Days template using DPL. Break out the factoids into one file per day and add citations. — done!
  30. Make a DPL template to intersect two categories. — done!
  31. Populate the Category:Calendar dates with events from history where a specific date is known. — done!
  32. Templates to support BadCatMan's {{Featured image}} rotation idea. — done!
  33. Citadel of Black Ashdone!
  34. Populating {{Featured image}} and cleaning up the image library somewhat. — in progress...
  35. Eshpurtadone!
  36. Heralds of Faerûndone!
  37. Updating the Category:Infoboxes with a tabbed interface, if needed. — done! including Creature, see below.
  38. Putting the {{Class table}} to work wherever it can generate categories. Organize said categories. — done!
  39. Reorganizing all the {{Cite dragon}} and {{Cite dungeon}} templates to the new format. — done!
  40. Clean up the list of pages using in-line Dragon citations by creating templates for them. — done!
  41. Update the {{Creature}} template so Type/Alignment/Origin and any other edition-specific terms are put in an edition section or tab. — done!
  42. Combine, fuse, or correlate {{Location}} and {{State}}. — done!
  43. Write the documentation for {{Split table}}. — done!
  44. Tighten up the {{Currency table}} so it takes up less vertical space. — done!
  45. Templates for the Book page layout to make creating an index relatively painless without cluttering an article with many citations from the same source. — done!
  46. Expand Blood of Morueme from the request queue. — done!
  47. Add maps to Category:Locations in Faerûn as needed. — in progress...
  48. Reduce Category:Articles lacking sources from 600 on 2015-06-26. — in progress... (last count: 39, a group effort)
  49. Convert our infoboxes to the new portable infoboxes. — done! (24/24)
  50. Give Monobook users some way to get to the File: page of an image inside a portable infobox. — done!
  51. Add ship info from Pirates of the Fallen Stars to new or existing pages. — done! (10/10)
  52. Add the missing spells from Pirates of the Fallen Stars. — done! (15/15)
  53. Work on the Photo Sorting project, specifically Maps. — in progress... (Done through O)
  54. Cathedral of Emerald Scalesdone!
  55. The Qysari Ringsdone! (12/12)
  56. Deity-specific spells: Abbathor(1), Aerdrie Faenya(6), Akadi(3), Arvoreen(2), Auril(16), Baervan Wildwanderer(1), Bane(5), Bhaal(1), Brandobaris(1), Chauntea(5), Corellon(1), Cyric(7), Eldath(11), Erevan Ilesere(1), Fenmarel Mestarine(1), Istishia(1), Leira(3), Lliira(3), Malar(1), Red Knight(4), Rillifane Rallathil(2), Sheela Peryroyl(1), Silvanus(1), Umberlee(5), Valkur(1), Waukeen(6) — in progress...
  57. Fungi of the Underdark from Out of the Abyssdone! (13/13)
  58. Candle magicdone! (10/10)
  59. Create Mystic and add it to all the spells in the {{Spheres of influence}} to which it is entitled. — done!
  60. Voonlar, its people, its locations, its food & drink, and the Battle at the Bar. — done!
  61. Indexing Storm King's Thunderdone! thanks to ISUBurd (256/256)
  62. Update the {{Cite web}} template to fix errors, more standard format. — in progress...finish documentation
  63. Delzimmer, its people, its locations, its food & drink, and its rulers. — done!
  64. Export our Citation templates and Infoboxes for use on the Candlekeep Wiki. — done!
  65. The Forest of Amtardone!
  66. Khôltar, its people, its locations, its food & drink, and its rulers. — done!
  67. Create articles for things found in Elminster's Guide to the Realmsdone! (23/23)
  68. Create citation templates and redirects so that FAQ's, Errata, and WE's appear in auto-suggest. — done!
  69. Acquire or scan all maps of Waterdeep and splice together if necessary to make complete maps that can be excerpted. TODO: Waterdeep and the North, Volo's Guide to Waterdeep, City System, City of Splendors (boxed set), City of Splendors: Waterdeep, Lords of Waterdeep (board game), Waterdeep: Dragon Heist
  70. Add all the spells and domains from Dragon #355 "Seven Saintly Domains" — done! (7/7)
  71. Redesign the {{Canon}} template to be more compact and more in the style of the wiki. — done!
  72. Create articles for things found in The New Adventures of Volodone! (16/16)
  73. Templates to support Sirwhiteout's Selûne phase calculator. — in progress...finish documentation
  74. Scan and splice together my poster-sized maps to support Project #47. Progress so far: FRCS2eR-Western Heartlands, The Horde-Hordelands, The Horde-Semphar, The North-High Forest, Lands of Intrigue (boxed set)-Map 2/4, The Vilhon Reach, Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus-map of Elturelin progress…
  75. Refactor the {{Climate}} template to modern web standards. — done!
  76. Document or replace images of gems that are in Category:Images with unknown source or Category:Images with unknown copyright status. — in progress… (129/151)
  77. Rescue as many images from the wallpaper gallery and book-related galleries as I can find and upload them to the wiki. in progress… (230 so far)
  78. Add all cantrips from 1st edition. done! (83/83)
  79. Colorize all the coats-of-arms from the Nobility of Waterdeep. in progress… (67/78)

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