NOTE: I've hardly been on here lately, but will still respond if contacted. I would very much like to edit more often, especially given the current lack of dedicated editors, but alas my attention is continually diverted. I'll be back with renewed vigour if I ever get the time, until then hopefully I'll pop in often enough to keep Wikia from deleting my profile. All the best to those still fighting the fight here :)

Hello. I basically got into Forgotten Realms through the Baldur's Gate series, PC and PS2, and am currently working on branching out. I'm partly on here because there seems to be very little about Dark Alliance, so I thought I might do something about that, even if it is non-canonical. (Although aside from what the voice in the Elfsong is singing about I'm not sure if there are any actual inconsistencies with the PC games/novel...?)

Anyway it's late and I'm sleepy. Any questions/anything else can be directed here:

User talk:Owdar

Btw my only page so far is Borador Goldhand, seeing that at the time of writing I only joined this evening.

OK so I've just done article 2, Alessia Faithhammer, so I think its time I set out my agenda. Next on the to-do-list:


Borador Goldhand

Allessia Faithhammer

Dorn Redbear

Vhaidra Uoswiir

Ysuran Auondril


To Do:



Also maybe someone should establish which bits of the Baldur's Gate (city) page refer to DA and so on.

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Yes, there's a fairly obvious pattern there but I might as well specialise. Once this Wiki has a comprehensive and cohesive compendium concerning Dark Alliance I'll focus my attention elsewhere.

(Note: I have recently updated templates on the DA2 stuff, and the templates for Jaheira, Imoen, Khalid, Garrick, Minsc and Branwen. I have also added the bit about BG2 on the Branwen page and created the pages for Boo and Noober.)

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