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About MeEdit

I came to the Forgotten Realms Wiki in January of 2018, and it was the first wiki I'd ever worked on. I made a few mistakes at first, but with help from other editors (who were thankfully very patient with me), I eventually got better.

To-do ListEdit

  • Clean up & create various celestial articles.
    • Work on Lillend!
    • Create all 7 guardinal articles.- mostly done
    • Check all archon articles, find somewhere to mention/cite hammer and owl archons.
    • Check, expand other celestials such as lillend, moon dog, etc.
    • Create celestial paragon articles (Talisid & Five Companions; Hebdomad; Court of Stars).
  • Fiends
    • Polish Loumara articles
    • Clean up Archdevil
  • Work on the Dragonspawn... someday.


For anyone who's interested, these are safe, legal, and free.



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