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The Silver Tiger wanders the planes, Inner and Outer and innermost, only briefly visiting the Material Plane at times, for the affairs of mortals are brief and fleeting, but the secrets- of fiends, celestials, fey, and others- are far more enticing. Over time, Silver Tiger has accumulated much knowledge about such creatures, and the planes in general; they are willing to share this knowledge with others who also value lore. Beyond that, their motives and powers are as mysterious as their nature.


To-do List[]

  • Fiends
    • 3e Fiend Folio demons, need Realms connection for: Abyssal skulker, Abyssal ravager, Zovvut, Kelvezu, Jarilith
    • Demonomicon of Iggwilv demons, need Realms connection for: Anzu (D329), Skurchur (D333), Vathugu (D337), Ankshar (D341), Uzollru (D349), Verakia (D357)
    • 4e demons that could use work (currently on-wiki, but unrelated, and good luck seeing a connection appear any time soon because no-one likes 4e): Abyssal scavenger, Abyssal wurm, Bonegouge assassin, Demon spawn, Ferrolith, Haures, Immolith, Jarrlak, Kazrith, Mahataa, Quarrak, Rageborn, Tomb demon, Voracalith
    • Possibly nominate firmly related articles for GA/FA?
  • Work on the Dragonspawn. done!
  • Other projects:
    • Help out the Year of Miracles
    • Work on some dragons and dracoforms - including a rewrite of moonstone dragon
    • Slowly go through and see about cleaning up pages, particularly stubs or incompletes.

Corellon and Eilistraee - this is some of my favorite art of Corellon.

Celestials Project[]

Celestial Assessment[]


Church of Ibrandul - SilverTiger12 - 2022/08/15 19:08

SilverTiger12: created article {{Organization | image = | caption = | name = Church of Ibrandul | aliases = | type = | base = | leader...

Baku - SilverTiger12 - 2022/08/13 22:38

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Maw of Acamar - SilverTiger12 - 2022/08/10 19:33

Stabbier: Higher res pic {{Creature | image = [[File:Maw of Acamar high resolution.jpg|thumb|alt=Gaunt humanoid figure made of darkness, with blue and red stars inside it. It is draped with a...

Dead power - SilverTiger12 - 2022/08/04 21:12

BadCatMan: minor proofread, add category The term '''dead power''' was used to refer to a dead [[deity]].<ref name="F&A">{{Cite book/Faiths & Avatars|4, 14-15}}</ref> ==Deific De...

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